Hi, I'm Stephanie. I believe that simple living is the key to long term health and happiness, so I try to live my life according to Blue Zone principles. I'm here to encourage you to consume less so you can live more.
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How to Declutter Your Closet for Good and Organize Anything

I'm fresh off the heels of Betsy 's closet declutter so everything I want to say about decluttering your closet for good is still on my mind. And hopefully in a way that helps you do this big project just one time and not have to make it a constant battle. The key, of course, is not bringing in more things tha…

Weekly Chat

As you're reading this, the pups are at the groomer and that's about the best news I could have to share on a Friday morning - they stank. Their usual groomer has been out dealing with medical issues so I had to find a new one and they were all booked out so far in advance! Took forever to find a good one and …

What's On My Phone (and What's Not)

Here on today's episode of 'things no one asked for but I'm sharing anyway' is all about what's on my phone. But I have reasons for sharing it - it's another spot to simplify that people don't think about. Digital clutter tends to be the last thing people concern themselves with but it can …