Brand New House Tour

Yes, HOUSE TOUR.  It's here, it's here!  I've only been promising a house tour for like a month but now it's finally time!  Are you ready?

I try to name where I got as many things as I possibly could because people always ask so I'm trying to save you the trouble of asking.  If I miss something, let me know, I absolutely know where all of my stuff is from.  Anyway.  Let's jump in.

You head straight into a little entryway, which has it's original stained glass window (a big thing with Chicago bungalows, apparently.)  I put my Ikea table with a boot tray underneath, the Ikea mirror on the wall, and two Bed Bath and Beyond picture frames on the table.  It's to the left of the coat closet.

As you turn right you enter into the living room.  We have yet to use this room, so it's ridiculously empty.  All that's in here is the couch from Domicile and my TV with it's old TV stand from Abt.  I have no clue what we're going to do with this space, but for now we're leaving it alone.

From there you enter the dining room.  The table and chairs we have is from a local furniture store's going out of business sale.  I didn't clean and organize before taking any photos, so you get a real sense of what the space looks like come Friday afternoon!

The first door you see on the left of the dining room is a spare bedroom.  It currently houses my Ikea bookshelf, another TV, and John's ottoman we have to find a place for.  Snowy sits on one of the shelves, and we keep just a couple things in the closet (like my suitcase and Blackhawks jersey.)  I have plans to put a treadmill in this room but I haven't purchased one yet, as I'm holding out hope my mom will buy me one for Christmas!

The second door you saw off the left of the dining room heads into John's bathroom.

As you go past the dining room, it goes into the kitchen.  But first you hit another door off the left side, which is our bedroom.  The bed and dresser are from that same furniture store as the table, Hawkeye's water bed is from Frontgate, and the baskets in the closet are from Ikea.  I plan on doing a more in depth look at the closet, because that entire dresser is full of John's things and mine are all just what you see there to the left side and the one brown basket next to it (and my makeup.)

Also before hitting the kitchen, you hit a set of stairs going down to the basement and a set going up to the bonus space.  This is what the upstairs looks like.  We don't have a clue what we're going to do with it, other than (a) throw a ton of inflatable mattresses up there when we host Halloween and (b) dormer it out eventually and make that our master bed and bath, but that is years away.

Into the kitchen!

And just past the kitchen is this bonus room, which is currently just where Hawkeye hangs out during the day when no one is home.  We'd like to open up two of the windows one day and make it sliding doors that go out to a patio.

Off the kitchen is a door that heads out to the backyard.  It's a good size yard and has a 2 car garage, although I don't have a car and John likes street parking better, so the only thing in the garage right now is his Bowflex thing.

On to the basement.  It's a big open area when you hit the bottom of the stairs, with a door that heads out to the backyard. As you turn to head towards the main area, the first door is the laundry room.  The washer and dryer are from Abt, and the laundry cart and storage rack I ordered off Amazon.  John also keeps a mini fridge down here for beers when he's playing video games with his brother, and the random garbage can that we have no location for yet.

The next door is to my bathroom.  My shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond as is a (not pictured) shower rack that I might do a 'what's in my shower' post with.  I'll probably also share what's in my drawers and under the sink at that point, because it's all organized pretty.

The final door goes into John's brothers room.  I mean 'guest room' but really it's just Eric's room.  The bed frame is my old one (from Macy's in like... 1994) that we'll replace eventually, and I ordered all the Blackhawks stuff off of Amazon.  The room is huge, the back corner is like a walk in closet, but we'll probably use it for storage of seasonal decor.

Then you hit the main area and the final part of the tour!  My couch is from RoomPlace and the coffee table is from Dania.  John got the giant projector screen from Best Buy and we generally watch everything on that.  But John and his brother like keeping the TV and TV stand down here as well because they'll literally set up their two video game consoles and play the same game with each other (battle something or other I don't even know.)

"Take my picture mom"

And that's everything we have so far!  I feel like we got a lot done and set up for only having been here a month and a half, but I know we have a lot more to do.  I'm trying to be accepting of the fact that it's all stuff that takes time but I don't wanna.  I want it now.  I don't want to necessarily add any more furniture or 'stuff' but like... something to put John's papers in so they aren't on the dining table.  Shelves in the basement so that XBox isn't sitting on the windowsill.  Things like that.  But for the most part I think it's pretty awesome.

Hope you liked the tour!

P.S. I already anticipate people being like 'where's all your stuff, where is John's stuff' and literally what you see is what you get.  That's minimalism!