House to Home Tour

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It's been about 8 months since we've moved in and I think we've really settled in nicely.  We haven't added too much, but I wanted to do a video update anyway so you could see the little tweaks and get a feel for the layout.  I hope you enjoy the house to home tour!

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Products Seen and Mentioned

Making this list for sure took me longer than actually filming and posting the video so I hope someone out there finds in helpful!  If you saw something in the video that I didn't link here, it's because it's from somewhere like TJ Maxx or Homegoods.  But I tried my best.

Entrance and Living Room
Glass Table
Boot Mat
Wooden Hangers
Dinosaur Air Plant
Floor Lamp with Shelving
Picture Frames
Marble Candle (I always get Bath and Body Works Candles (a) on sale and (b) through Ebates, so you're at least getting some money back, plus you can still use coupons.)
Side Table
Ottoman (similar)
Throw Blanket

Dining Room
Wine Rack/Bar Cart
Chicago Flag Pallet

Spare Room
Pen Sorter
Acrylic Drawer

Bathroom 1
Drawer Organizers
Kleenex Cover and Soap Pump
Blackhawks Print

Duvet and Pillow Cases
Brown and Grey Bins
Shoe Rack

Under Sink Wire Drawer
Recycle Bin
Microfiber Towels
K-Cups Organizer
Dog Food Storage (according to my Amazon order history, which is how I found the right products to link, I bought these back in early 2013. They've held up perfectly, they look brand new.)
Pyrex Food Storage
Fridge Organizers
Kitchen Towels

Laundry Room
Large Garment Rack
Laundry Sorter

Bathroom 2
Shower Curtain
Shower Caddy
Makeup Organizer
Under Sink Organizer
Drawer Organizers
Kleenex Cover and Soap Pump
Firefighter Love Print

Guest Room
Blackhawks Bedding

Entertainment Area
Coffee Table (similar)

I hope you liked the tour!  Even though I'm a minimalist and don't plan on adding too many more things, it's still not quite done yet.  There's a couple of things to be added and a couple to be tweaked, but I really love the progress we've made in making it feel like 'home.'  What's your favorite change we've made?  What suggestions do you have for the things left we still have to do?