In My Minimalist Makeup Collection

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Here's a look at my makeup products, some of which have appeared as Three on Thursday favorites, other which are new to the blog:

No. 1 FitGlow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation • This is currently my favorite foundation because I like how it feels wearing it, and I think it makes the redness in my cheeks fade without looking cakey and fake.  I've actually tried many green beauty, cruelty free foundations that I like, but this stands out as my favorite so I'll keep repurchasing.  My color match is the VF2.

No. 2 Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer • I use these both, sometimes together, sometimes one or the other, so they're both here as my under eye concealer.  No. 2 a and b, if you will.  I don't find that these products crease on me, or that they're drying, which are my two major concerns with most under eye products.

No. 3 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder • My skin is dry and sensitive so I don't use powder often, and when I do, I'm super picky about it.  Right now, I'm using this Hourglass product in the Diffused Light shade, but it's not the cleanest of ingredients so I do need a replacement when it runs out, but I just haven't found anything that I like.  Maybe I'll just start learning to live without it.

No. 4 RMS Beauty Living Luminizer • Highlighter can be hard because that's the point where my cheeks are the most sensitive.  So any and all powder products are out.  Sometimes even creams and liquids can dry down to a powdery finish, so I was happy to find this luminizer from RMS, which gives a natural highlight look (not glittery.)  And it's made from coconut oil, the whole line is, so it's moisturizer instead of drying.

No. 5 Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand • Okay, yes, bronzer and contour are not the same thing.  But I'm pasty so they are to me and I'm also lazy, so there's legit no way I'm whipping out two different products.  This is a great shade to be able to do that, because it's not too orange or too grey.  Like with highlighter, I don't like using powder products around my cheek area, and I just feel that this is easier to work with.

No. 6 Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade • When it comes to eyebrows, I find the pomades easiest to use, as opposed to powder, pencil, or gels.  This one stays all day without needing to be set and glides on super easily.  Totally clean ingredients and cruelty free.  The shade I use is Ashy Daybreak, it's a perfect match.

No. 7 Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color • I just don't like working with powder eyeshadow anymore, this way is much faster (plus no fall out and I can just use concealer as a primer.)  I've tried this stick kind from greener brands, like Juice Beauty, but these just work better and stay on longer.  I looked up every ingredient and I don't have a problem with them.  But I should note that the only colors I use are Rose Gold, Copper, Moonlight and Cocoa.  There are other colors that have carmine, but I know those 4 are safe.

No. 8 Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner • The pot of gel liner with the thin brush is all I will use now.  I don't like pencil, and liquid liner can be tricky to work with and very unforgiving.  Gel liner in a pot is so much easier, I assure you, particularly this product and their double ended liner brush.  Tarte is okay as a brand.  They're cruelty free and they do have a lot of green products, but as a company they're also known for 'green-washing,' which I don't like.  That's where a company deliberately puts out a message that their products are really clean and natural, but not every product lives up to that standard (unlike RMS or Bite Beauty, where you know you're safe.)  Tarte is guilty of this, so you can't just blindly buy things from them, you need to do your research.  This liner is safe, and I only use it in black.  Brown would probably suit my blue eyes but I prefer black since I don't use it daily, only for special occasions.

No. 9 Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara • I've talked about this mascara plenty.  It's cruelty-free, has the same effect as the Better Than Sex mascara, and it's only $5.  Another one I've looked up all the ingredients of and have no issues with, even if it isn't from a traditional 'green beauty' brand.

No. 10 Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick • My lips are pretty pigmented on their own, so a lot of times I'm fine with just some lip balm.  But if I do decide to put lipstick on, I only ever get Bite Beauty ones.  The colors I currently have are Sweet Cream, Pepper, and Liquorice.

As a side note, I do not use every product every day.  I only use concealer, the brow pomade, and mascara.  If I have time I'll add eyeshadow.  The rest (foundation, highlighter, bronzer, powder, and eyeliner) I only use on weekends and other special occasions where I have more time.


Do we have any of the same favorites or use any of the same products?  Most of these are holy grail status for me, so I'm very interested to know if you agree!