My Minimalist Skin Care Lineup

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Like everything else in my life, my skin care has to be minimalist too.  And clean, and cruelty free.  Since I already updated you on my minimalist makeup collection, it seemed like sharing the clean and natural skin care lineup was next up.  Not that I don't believe in a multitude of great skin care products - there's tons.  And they do work.  I just don't remember to use them all and don't see a difference in my own skin when I do.  So I stick to my basics and I find that my skin is responding really well.  Which means I'll keep chugging along, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

No. 1 Almond Oil as Makeup Remover • Oil dissolves makeup so fast and effectively, without drying out your skin or using weird chemicals.  There's tons of oils you can use, but the almond oil works well for me.  I also use it as shaving oil.  I don't like shaving dry but I also don't particularly care what I shave with.  The almond oil I use to remove my makeup and the conditioner I use on my hair are both equally effective, and then I don't need another product in my shower.

No. 2 Raw Honey as Face Wash • Raw honey is the best face wash, I've mentioned it before.  It's totally natural, obviously, and it's also antibacterial, full of antioxidants, and extremely soothing and moisturizing.  It also exfoliates because it keeps little particles of the honeycomb in there, since it's raw.  After I remove my makeup with oil, I use just a tiny amount, probably about half a teaspoon, and rub that on my face.  It does not stick, it'll rinse away in the water super easily.

No. 3 The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane • I wash my face only at night and then put this on.  It hasn't irritated my face, which is good because I'm super sensitive.

No. 4 The Ordinary Marula Oil • After the retinoid in the evenings, I use a few drops of marula oil.  My cheeks are dry where I have the rosacea but also sensitive, so I find this very soothing and hydrating.

No. 5 The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors • After the oil, I use this product as my surface level moisturizer.  It locks in the oil and hydrates my face overnight without feeling too heavy and greasy.  As someone with dry skin, I can use this during the day too (I don't, no SPF), but I think if you have oily skin you wouldn't like it under makeup.

No. 6 The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics • I use this serum in the morning because it wears well under makeup and really makes my skin feel soft and calm during the day.  I tend to get more red when I skip this step.  I usually do a few drops of marula oil on top of the serum and then:

No. 7 Andalou Naturals Daily Facial Lotion as Morning Moisturizer with SPF • It's thinner than my night cream so I can wear it under makeup, plus it has a little SPF, which is nice.  (If I'm actually going to be outside, I will use additional sunscreen, but I don't go outside in the sun, as I think I may be a vampire and will burst into flames.  I really hate the sun.)

At the moment, that's everything I've been using.  And I have pictures in tomorrow's post where you can see how little redness there is in my face.  Just the cheeks and that's even with drinking (which always makes the redness worse!)  What do you swear by in terms of skin care?