My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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I like getting up early-ish in the mornings.  I find I'm able to get a lot done if I wake up when John does, since he leaves for work over an hour before I need to.  But a full face of makeup is not one of those things I want to spend my productive morning hour on (and I'd also need to spend more time taking it off at the end of the day, which I never feel like doing.)  I'm just not up for the whole entire makeup routine - I save that for evenings out when I feel like playing around.  In the mornings before work, I'd rather just get it done in 5 minutes and get out the door.  I know a lot of people feel the same way, so I thought I would share my routine and products.  And I have timed it!  This does take me just a few minutes: