Why I Simplify (Everything)

If you remember from the beginning of the year, my word for 2019 has been 'edit.'  I've absolutely been sticking with that for the last 6 months, even getting a new job so I could edit out the biggest annoyances of my old one - taking the train every day and going to court.  I'm constantly editing my wardrobe and meals and what I do with this blog.  Edit and simplify.  I thought I would share a few of the top reasons that came to mind about why I love to simplify so much, why I put the effort in to think through everything and edit my choices this year.  Also known as 'what I actually love doing with all my free time and money that I now have since simplifying everything in my life.'

I'm never pressed for time.  I think that's one of the biggest pet peeves or things that can cause anxiety for me - I can't think straight when I'm pressed for time.  But simplifying so many areas of my life means that this doesn't come up anymore.  I removed any nonsense from my calendar and to do list so I have all the time I need in a day to do the things that are important, necessary, or just plain fun.  I'm also much more able and willing to go with the flow when different things pop up, like my parents needing me or John's sister wanting us to stop by her house to deal with her contractor (she moved 3 blocks away from us in April.)  I don't mind doing these things for others because I don't worry that I'm not going to have time to get my own tasks done.

There's less thoughts about stuff cluttering my brain. Everything that comes into my home is inventory that I have to manage.  Whether I buy it or accept it from someone else, I am now in charge of tracking, using, and caring for that thing.  This includes things like groceries of course (making sure there's no food waste), but it also includes physical items that stay for the long haul.  The less that enters, the less I have to mentally track.  It also means that I don't think about acquiring more.  I don't spend any thoughts on shopping or sales or where to store something.

I remember more.  Without all the worries associated with having too much stuff or too many things on my calendar, I can remember more.  I remember what's in the fridge without looking.  I remember family and friend's birthdays without a Facebook reminder.  I remember the exact ladder John's dad said he wants for Christmas.  And I remember everything that's in our house and exactly where it is in case we need to find it in less than 15 seconds.

I never spend time cleaning.  This is a winning argument for less, let me tell you.  Owning less means there's less to clean.  Plus it's so much easier to clean when nothing is cluttering the counter tops.

I don't panic when something goes wrong.  The basement water issue was a nice reminder of that.  Yes, it sucked to have to pull out carpet and whatever but you know what I didn't think about for one second?  If anything important or expensive was ruined or that there were boxes of photos or other irreplaceable items in the way of the water.  I knew there weren't.  I know where everything is, everything has been backed up digitally, I don't have piles of things in the basement (or anywhere else) so we could get things out of the way in literally 3 minutes.

I have less impact on the earth.  I don't drive a car, I stopped taking the train (I do still take the bus), I don't waste food or buy physical items needlessly since I'm so conscious of my spending and what's in our home.  I've freed up time to now spend it on researching fast fashion and sustainable packaging.

There's room for what matters.  John's grandmother's glass vase.  The suitcase my dad brought all his worldly possessions in to the US from India when he was 19.  The pearl necklace my mom gave me.  John's collection of wrestling figures from his childhood.  There's room to keep what's special and display it if we want because the limited space within our four walls isn't taken up by all kinds of crap that doesn't mean anything.

I'm fully present.  I'm never thinking ahead to all the things I have to get done at home while I'm sitting at coffee with my mom.  Since I simplified blogging, I never check my phone because e-mails and whatever is happening on Instagram just don't matter.  I don't have to balance budgets or check bank accounts because everything is automated and I spend so little as it is that I have no problem spending when I'm out enjoying myself with friends.

I can choose to go over the top, if I want to Like Halloween.  I don't want to be elaborate for every holiday, but I do like to spend that extra time and money on an awesome Halloween.  I don't feel any sort of pressure to do the same for Christmas or any other holiday, or even to decorate my house on a daily basis.  And since I don't spend time or money on those things, it frees up space to go all out for the things I do love without feeling maxed out or burnt out.  Which of course means I get to actually enjoy it when I have 50+ people over for a Halloween party.  Being a minimalist and living simply doesn't mean bare white walls and no furniture and no fun ever, it just means that I make room for the important stuff by getting rid of anything that's not.

Why do you simplify things, or want to?  Any of my same reasons?