Full Home Inventory (Plus a House Tour)

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The question I get most often when I post anything about my Project 3000 progress is 'do you even have 3,000 items in your home?!'  Short answer, no.  Long answer is that I created an inventory of every item in our home, with the caveat being that I didn't include most consumable items because they aren't permanent (duh.)

I really started this project as a way to track valuables for home insurance purposes but also to track the number of my own items that were permanent fixtures.  (I'm already working my way through all my consumables, I hope to decrease these and then count only what's always in my collection, like I always have 1 mascara.)

So the full home inventory (because yes, I created a spreadsheet) can be found here You can really checkout all the details about things like how many spoons we have.  But I figured it would be nice to do a home tour along with, since I do one ever year and share the little changes we make along the way.  Although I guess two big changes you'll see are the 82 inch monster TV and a brand new deck in the backyard.


Living Room

Dining Room

Kitchen and Sunroom


Our Bedroom

John's Bathroom


Guest Room

Halloween Closet. Literally. All Halloween decor.

My Bathroom

Laundry Room


And that's it!  Well, I did forget to photograph the extra bedroom where we have the treadmill, and I'm too lazy to go back and add it now, but I did inventory it.  I think you can clearly see where we have more work to do (attic, laundry room) and which big changes we've made (flooring, sunroom, deck.)  Making the inventory was a great exercise!  Going forward, I'll probably continue to not track things like John's clothing because it changes so often, and continue to track new 'stuff' that becomes permanent, like any wall decor or furniture pieces.  I'm also going to watch my personal care items because I think I have more than I use and could benefit from decreasing the stash and adopting a one in, one out rule for more makeup.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all our updates and checking out the home inventory.  I am as minimalist as you thought?  How many things do you think you have in your home?