Favorite Things Lately

Since I switched up my blog content at the end of March, I haven't shared a Three on Thursday post. I went from sharing three favorite things every week to zero. I don't plan on going back to weekly favorites, but I feel like these favorite things posts will happen every once in awhile. If I find something I really enjoy, I want to share it. So here are the things I feel like mentioning:

Silk and Sonder Planner. I know, there isn't much to plan these days. But that may be why I like this planner even more, because it's a planner and journal in one. Technically, it's a planner subscription. You can order each month or order for the whole year and they will send you a new month long planner before the start of a new month. Inside has traditional weekly layout pages, and each week also has a notes page and a weekly planner page for things like your meal plan and shopping list, as well as a habit tracker section. Besides just the weekly pages, each planner also has a coloring page, two recipes, a monthly habit tracker, a daily mood tracker and various journal pages related to that month's theme. If you want to see the inside pages, it's on my YouTube channel. I've enjoyed having something to play around with that makes me use my hands and makes me create something. I'm not great at tracking all the things all the days but I love that it's there when I need it.

Sorelli Necklace. Does anyone else remember Sorelli necklaces being so popular? I do. I remember girls collecting the ones with the stones all the way around, in different colors. I loved the sparkle factor but I never got one because I (a) didn't like all the color and (b) didn't like the stones all the way around. So I never looked into getting one. Also, I resisted anything trendy or popular like the plague, I was such a brat. But these randomly popped into my head before Christmas so I looked them up to see if they still existed and ended up finding a different style I love. John got it for me as a Christmas gift. Even in quarantine, I've been wearing it a ton. It looks good with any outfit and I love how surprisingly lightweight it is.

Andalou Naturals Face Mask. Is quarantine face mask time for anyone else? I hope so, it's the perfect time. The Andalou Naturals line is great overall, I've used a ton of their skincare products over the years and enjoyed every one. I think the face masks in particular are a stand out product and I try to use it once a week. I love all of them but the Skin Food works best on my skin. It helps with the redness and makes my skin super soft. It's also just really relaxing to sit for 20 minutes with it on and watch a TV show.

Window Clings. Houses in Chicago are super close together. I know people who live in the country don't understand it, but that's just normal here. If I leaned out our dining room window far enough, I could touch the neighbors' window. It doesn't bother me on the east side of our house but the bedroom window looks directly into the kitchen of the neighbor's house and the spare room/treadmill room window looks into their dining room. We always just had the blinds closed but that meant those two rooms were always pretty dark. So I got these rainbow window films and we love them. They're super easy to install because they aren't sticky. You just peel the backing off and wet the window and it sticks. Like magic. They're so pretty when the light hits too, but we mostly love that they allow all this light in while still providing complete privacy. Highly recommend.

The Grove Collaborative. I'm sure you've seen Grove by now, they're pretty popular. But I never ordered anything until this month. They're a website where you can order eco-friendly and cruelty free cleaning supplies, and where they offset the carbon footprint of every order being delivered. They do have a subscription option where you can order any time and not pay shipping and also get a monthly shipment of supplies so you don't run out. You can adjust what you get and how often. I just used it to place one order so far though, and you don't need a subscription to do so. Anyone can order and just pay a flat rate shipping fee of $4.95. They have a lot of good products and I'm really happy with everything I got! And with this link you get a free 5 piece gift set so hey, free stuff. If you want to know exactly what I got and use, I can share that in the next favorite things roundup, let me know.

The Shedd Aquarium's Instagram Feed. How happy I am to live in a city where this aquarium exists. I can't wait to go back in person but in the meantime, their feed is everything. Penguins and otters and belugas, oh my! Since the Shedd has no people coming through, they're letting their penguins out on field trips to visit the other exhibits and see all the fish, to keep them entertained. It's adorable, they look like they're having so much fun. I get excited every time they post something new so if you need a dose of cute and serene in your feed, follow them.

What have you been loving lately?