My New 101 in 1001 List

I know what you're thinking - another list? Didn't the last one just start? Not exactly. But the 1001 days aren't quite up yet, so I understand the confusion. The end date for the 3rd 101 goals in 1001 days list is the end of this year but I'm about done. With the whole list. And I love having goals to work on so I decided to move up the start date of this 4th list. It might seem strange to start a new goals list in the midst of all this uncertainty but I almost think that's why I want to start. There are so many things on my list I can start working on right now that will not only improve my life and home, but will also give me something to control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. That deeply appeals to my enneagram type 1 self.

Could I start working on any of these things without the confines of a 101 in 1001 list? Think up different goals to add instead come December 1? Of course. But I genuinely enjoy the structure of the list, and not having anything else to check off the current one makes me feel a little sad. So I started working on coming up with all these new ideas and it was such a fun process that I thought why not actually start the goals too?

I think you'll notice a big shift in this list that corresponds to my shift in blog content. And in life. All of the goals are related to homemaking or slow living. Because these aren't just items to check off a list - they're guidelines for how I want to live my life. I also tried to make as many as possible zero cost, and very few require the 'return to normal' that won't actually be coming (not as we knew it, at least.)

This list took me a long time to complete, the coming up with all the goals part. Longer than any of the previous ones. I added and deleted and modified goals hundreds of times until I was satisfied, putting a ton of forethought into each final selection. So it's probably the best list I've made yet. And it should be, considering I've had 3 previous tries at this. There are some easy wins but also some that will span the entire list time-frame. More than 1 have multiple parts, adding an extra layer of challenge. But one I'm looking forward to.

I'm not going to repeat the entire list here, because you can check it out on this website if you're interested. Here's just a few highlights that I thought might be interesting because there will likely be blog posts about them in the future:

Personal Homemaking

Completely update my wardrobe, accessories, skincare, makeup, and hair care. These are each separate goals, of course, but the idea of each is the same. Your needs change as you get older and as your responsibilities in life change. These aspects of my life should be changing too, but they haven't. What suited my skin in my late 20s is not the same as at 35. Likewise any big statement necklaces were more suited to my life then than they are now. Everything needs a refresh. I don't plan on just chucking everything I have but there will be thought and care put into keeping each piece or replacing it.

Try a new self-care challenge each month. I like that this is something I can keep going over the lifetime of the list. Each month, I want to try something new and zero cost that will benefit me. I'm thinking things like a month of proper water intake, or daily meditation, or 50 jumping jacks every day. If you have any habits that have changed your life, let me know! I'll add them to the list. But more on this goal in my next post, all about self care and investing in yourself. To come later this week. Or next week, I do what I want.

Complete the couch to 5k program. I always start this and never finish. It's a free app, I just need to get on the treadmill and follow it's instructions but ugh, jogging. I have no desire to become some sort of avid runner (I plan to avoid the hip replacements my mother went through, thank you very much), but for some reason, I just really want to be able to say I could do this.

Practical Homemaking

Finish the garage clean out. Guys, this has been on my to do list since we moved in to this house. In May 2016. Do you have any idea how crazy it has made me to have something on my to do list for FOUR YEARS? John finally started going through all his boxes this spring so we've made serious progress. I want to just finish. There probably won't be a blog post about this so much as a 'look at it!' Instagram photo but I just wanted to put it out in here into the universe that this will get done.

Create our home 'master lists.' I keep meaning to do this but I never do. I have bits and pieces of information all over the place and I want to commit it to various master lists. What are our pantry staples? What do we buy in bulk or need in terms of cleaning supplies? What bags does the vacuum take, what paint color is on the living room wall, what's the next house project that needs to get done, what's the plumber's phone number? So you see, there's a lot of information to be collected and organized. And I will feel much better when it's all done.

Learn proper laundry. I figure if I'm going to get some new things in my wardrobe, including bras and underwear, then I want to take the time to properly launder everything. As in actual hand washing and line drying. With gentle laundry detergent. Any detergent recommendations or other tips and tricks to share?

Relational Homemaking

Check off a bucket list item each season for a year. We have all these things that we say we want to do but our schedules get busy and then by the time we think of it, the season has passed. Things like zombie paintball at Halloween time, zoo lights at Christmas, walking to the brewery with Hawkeye when the weather is nice. So instead of sitting around saying 'oh I wish we had done this!' each season, I'm making a list and scheduling them into the calendar well before that season starts.

Host a Super Bowl, Derby, and Christmas movie night party. We pretty much always have the Super Bowl but only for immediate family. I'd like to open it up and have a larger gathering. Maybe not as big as Halloween, but still. Same for the Derby. And I'd like to have a sweet Christmas movie night with my mom, my friend Ida (who is basically my sister), John's mom, and my sisters-in-law, Julie and Beth. With hot chocolate and cookies and maybe present wrapping time.

Celebrate all our birthdays (mine, John's and Hawkeye's). Yes, I always do something for Hawkeye (which is in exactly one week, by the way! She'll be 11.) But John and I both have a tendency to ignore our birthdays. We exchange gifts, but rarely do anything else to mark the occasions. So I plan on making an effort to celebrate all the birthdays that happen over the course of the list time frame, even if that's just a candle on a dish of ice cream for dessert.

Slow Living

Change the content I consume. To be honest, I've been starting this already. I constantly unsubscribe from emails, I edited who I follow on Instagram, and I cleared out old podcasts I don't want to listen to. I have a lot more work to do though, changing everything from the TV shows and movies I watch to the websites I check for news content. I want to keep removing anything that makes me feel angry or stressed, anything that tells me I need to be more productive or consume more materialistic things, and all media that make me feel worse for having consumed it - reality TV comes to mind. I also want to then replace all of that with new blogs to read and YouTube channels to follow that are more in line with what makes me feel good.

Add more beauty to my daily tasks.  Admittedly, I've been known to sacrifice beauty/enjoyment for the sake of minimalism. That works in a lot of cases because it's helped me cut down on wastefulness and the idea that I 'need' something that's really a want. But I'm at the point now where I can recognize those temptations readily, without the need for textbook minimalism. So I would like to start adding beauty back into my daily tasks, even if it's not technically essential to getting the job done. Some concrete examples? Getting some cute rubber gloves to wash the dishes with. Adding a nice essential oil to the vinegar I clean with. Setting the table at dinner with some pillar candles. All easy ways to add a little more beauty but not exactly essential to cleaning or serving food.

Use up everything before getting a replacement. You didn't think I'd just overhaul all my makeup and skincare and throw away what I have now, did you? Not being wasteful is incredibly important to me. And the earth. In terms of these items, I hope to have everything used up by the end of 2020, and then I can start looking for suitable upgrades. But I will also be trying to use up all household items, like cleaning supplies, and wearing through wardrobe items before purchasing anything new.

So there are some high points, but do check out the full list here if you want to see what else I'll be working on or need inspiration for some goals ideas of your own. At the time of this post, I have 6 more goals to add to get to 101, but I plan on figuring those out by May 1 so I can start officially on that date. A final note on timing: while I am starting early, I don't plan on changing the anticipated end date, so it will be longer than 1001 days. I'm okay with that because I put some very large goals on here and I'm sure I'll add and tweak more along the way. It gives me about 200 extra days; a full 3 years instead of the 2.75. What can I say, I'm always bending the rules to make them my own.