Getting Dressed Everyday (and My Current Skincare, Makeup, and Hair Routine)

This post has been written and scheduled for awhile. I was going to put a disclaimer here about the frivolity of it but I changed my mind. I suppose this still is a disclaimer, but in a different way - this space and its content, regardless of the state of the world, has always been a place of frivolity since 2012 and that isn't going to change. That's something I need for myself as a creative, escapist outlet. I alone have the power over both the content I consume and what I create and where I choose to share any of it. And who I choose to share my feelings with, including when, and how. I understand if you don't like that stance, and see it as some sort of privilege of opting out. Maybe it is, but since you don't know anything I do or say in the rest of my life, I have no intention of debating that idea here. So you may want to read a different blog - there are plenty out there for you that are incredibly intelligent and well-written. Lord knows I have unfollowed many, many people across many platforms this weekend so there are no hard feelings if you'd like to do the same. And that's all I have to say on that.

Wow, June. I know quarantine made this year kind of a wash so I shouldn't be surprised that we're already in June but the idea that it's already summer is just crazy to me. My life is so very different than it was a mere 4, even 3 months ago. As I'm sure yours is as well. Homemaking is unlike any other job or time in my life; my days are entirely unscheduled. For one thing, I don't have to get dressed every day the same way I did in my office job. Honestly, it's been both a respite and a burden - my work clothes were pretty restricting and I'm happy to not be tied to those anymore, but staying in pajamas all day is a recipe for laziness and generally not feeling great about myself. I know, because I spent the first month of lockdown in some form of pjs.

So when I thought about proper self care, I knew getting dressed everyday would need to be top of the list. (Well, along with making dinner but we've mastered that.) It's an essential part of personal homemaking. Everyone is different so I don't think you have to get dressed every day if it doesn't appeal to you but I truly believe that it's hard to feel like the day has started without getting 'ready'. It makes me feel like it's a sick day or holiday and although being a homemaker has it's perks, there is still work to be done every single day. The home is not the same lounge space as when I worked outside of it, but that's how I was treating it in April rather than seeing it as my new work place.

Although I no longer put a premium on being the most productive since embracing a slower life, running a home means there's always some sort of to do list. Those cooking and cleaning and bill paying tasks associated with being alive. And I have quickly found that I'm much less likely to procrastinate this list if I get myself ready first thing in the morning. That means my morning skincare routine, a little bit of makeup most days, fixing my hair, and yes, putting on real clothes that I would wear out of the house if a friend wanted to meet for coffee. Not only am I ready for whatever the day may bring, but I'm also able to stay motivated because who wants to crawl right back into bed when you're already dressed for the day? If I look like I have things to get done, I get things done. Funny how that works.

I understand, though, why people still find it strange that homemakers don't always wear lounge clothes. I cook a lot of meals, wash the dishes, scrub bathrooms, do laundry, and tend to the garden. It's messy, yes, but my clothes don't have to be. I would rather look put together and protect my clothes with an apron, given what an affect it has on my mood. So even on days when I know I’ll be at home all day or John will be the only one who sees me (sometimes, especially if John is the only one who sees me!), I get ready. Feel like doing the same? Here are the two most important things I've learned:

Wear what you love and feel good in. I prefer dresses. They're a complete outfit in one fell swoop and pants are just so restricting. Dresses are much more comfortable, as long as I pick the right fabrics, so I keep a rotation of favorites for every season. Even if dresses aren't your thing, the key is just to find what you love and feel the best in, because that will have the most profound effect on your attitude. Whether that's a dress or a t-shirt, it provides an instant confidence boost and has a positive effect on how you view yourself and your homemaking.

Simplify. I cannot stress enough that this whole getting ready thing doesn't need to include a fresh blow out every day or a full face of makeup. Lord knows I don't do either of these things. When a routine is too complicated, we often skip it altogether because we don't have the time. You can still look completely put together even if you simplify the steps it takes to get there.

I just started my most recent 101 in 1001 list and it includes goals related to updating my skincare, makeup, and hair care since my needs have changed. But most of all, I knew I needed to simplify if I was going to stick to it. Bless those women who stick with their 14 step skincare routine, but I am not one of them. I take the less is more approach. I still have some leftover products to use up completely but I've been testing things and I know what I'll be using going forward because I've had good results so far. Here's my simple routine:


My skin is pretty easy except for the redness from rosacea, mostly concentrated on my cheeks. But it's otherwise normal, leaning dry, and responds well to the products I use. In the mornings, I just rinse my face with water. Then I moisturize with a couple drops of rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has so many skin benefits: it moisturizes, reduces inflammation, treats wrinkles, gently exfoliates, evens skin tone and more. If I'm going to use a minimal skincare lineup, I would like each product to pack a punch and clearly this one does. Even Kate Middleton uses it and we all know I adore her so it's basically gospel. It's also inexpensive and natural, no questionable ingredients. And of course, cruelty free, but that goes without saying at this point. After that, I like to use vitamin c for brightening and of course SPF. I found this Andalou Naturals product that also has a light tint to even out skin tone, so it's like three products in one. And that's it. Those two products and my morning skincare is complete.

Although it's not part of my 'get ready for the day' routine, I thought I'd also share what I do at the end of the day in terms of skincare. I remove my makeup with almond oil, which again is a very natural and gentle method to just melt the makeup off while moisturizing the skin at the same time. I cleanse my face with raw honey, which I've talked about before. It's not sticky, it rinses off easily with water. It's naturally antibacterial and a humectant, drawing in and retaining moisture. Then I once again add oil, a mix of the rosehip with some argan oil, which is also particularly good for treating my redness. And once a week I use a moisturizing face mask.


I go much, much lighter on makeup now that I'm not working in an office job. I just find that I don't need as many of the products - concealer, eyeliner, or lipstick, for example. I still have these items in case there's a going out occasion (which obviously there hasn't been!) but I keep it simple each day with a brow pomade, cream eye shadow, mascara, and lip balm. I find brow pomade to be the easiest to work with and that eye shadow I can swipe on with one finger and be done. I've never timed how long it takes to apply these four items but I would guess three minutes.

Hair Care

My hair is a bit high maintenance in that I keep it long, I get highlights, and it's thick. So of course the highlights damage it and it takes forever to dry but I like keeping it long so rather than change the style, I adapt my products. I used to use so many products; it was arguably the most non-minimalist and non-simple thing in my life. But I have since changed my ways by worker smarter, not harder. The secret? Aloe vera gel. Before I wash my hair, which only happens twice a week, I coat it in aloe vera gel and let it soak in for a bit. It makes my hair incredibly smooth and shiny, eliminating the need for most other products. It washes out easily when I shampoo.

I think it's a myth that hair gets 'used to' a certain shampoo, right? Well, even if it is a myth, I find I still like to change up the shampoos I use. As long as it's sulfate-free, I'm happy, though I would say my favorites are the R+Co Television or a Briogeo one. Since I wash it so little, I'm okay spending more on shampoo. It still lasts forever. I don't get the matching conditioner though. After I shampoo, I use a Maui Moisture hair mask instead, almost always this one

I generally let my hair air dry, because if I put it in a braid, my hair will hold the wave when it's dry. That's why I almost always shower at night, so it's dry by morning and I can just brush it out and wear it down, or clipped half back if I'm getting cleaning done. On the days when I do feel like drying it though, I make sure to use the Kenra spray which detangles and heat protects. I have a wooden comb and hair brush from Tek that I love, as well as the T3 hair dryer and curling iron. If my ends could use a little love and shine, I just use a bit of the argan oil I use in my skincare routine.

And that's it, that's my all my updated routines that make the process of getting ready every day just a bit easier.

Do you get dressed every day? Did you during quarantine?