My One Day and Everyday Cleaning Routine

I know that title seems confusing - how can my cleaning routine be a one day routine but also an everyday routine? But it's actually pretty straightforward. I can either spend 4+ hours one day and deep clean everything on the list and then not touch anything again for awhile. Or I can do this routine every single day on a surface level, because if you clean every day it never piles up to require that deep clean day. And cleaning is an essential part of my homemaker life.

That's the magic of my system. I never have to alter it or play catch-up. I prefer, of course, to do the small amount every day but there are days when that can't happen. If I'm at my parents' house for a few days in a row, for example, or when other big life events come up that require my full attention all day long. When that happens, I schedule in a cleaning day to work through the list more methodically. Here's what my routine looks like:

My Daily Schedule

I begin with a general tidy and declutter - picking up dog toys, moving any dishes to the kitchen, throwing away trash, and gathering papers to one area. Since I do this almost every day, it takes just a few minutes. I also gather and sort any laundry and get one load started. Once a week, this includes the sheets and towels.

After that, I move into the kitchen. I start by cleaning out the fridge so I can use up any leftovers, make sure nothing is bad, and get the tupperware emptied. I load and start the dishwasher and hand wash anything if necessary. I dust the light fixture before wiping down all cabinets, appliances, and counters. Once that's all done, it's time to switch out the laundry load.

Then I clean the bathrooms. I spray the showers, toilets, and sinks before wiping down all these surfaces. I also clean the mirrors and faucets and wipe down all cabinets, shelves, and counter tops. Finally, I pull out the broom and mop and clean the floors in the kitchen and both bathrooms. By that time, the laundry is again ready to be switched and I'm able to fold the first load.

With the big rooms out of the way (kitchen and bathrooms), my day gets infinitely easier with the bedroom. I make the bed, dust from the top to the bottom of the room, clean the baseboards (by no means a daily task!), and mop the floors. After this is done, the second laundry load is usually ready to be folded. I don't usually have more than two each day, unless it's a sheets and towels day.

My cleaning routine ends in the living areas, which are our dining room, living room, and basement. I dust, wipe the tables if necessary, clean the baseboards occasionally, vacuum and mop, and fluff the pillows and fold any blankets.

I made it into a nice little flow chart to make it easier to follow:

It seems like a lot, and it can be if I save everything for one day and otherwise don't do anything for two weeks. In that case, it can take me a good four hours to tackle it all. But when I do it every single day, there's really not much to dust or mop off the floors and each task takes no more than a few minutes. Some days, I don't need to do some of the tasks at all, like mopping the bedroom floor. It stays very clean! Keeping our home clean is important to me and definitely one of the reasons we wanted this homemaker lifestyle. The cleaning was always a bit of a scramble when I worked full time, but it's much more relaxed now.

I jump into my cleaning routine right after my morning routine because I have the most energy in the mornings. And generally, the other things that come up that demand my time and attention (my parents, John getting home from work, errands, etc.) come up in the late morning and afternoon, so I know the cleaning would get put off if I don't jump to it early. I also find that time disappears when I do things like work on blogging or even sit and read a book, and I would be so disappointed if I ran out of time in the day to take proper care of my home.
My routine has changed so much over the years - I've tried all the different systems like the FlyLady routine, cleaning one room each day, or one task each day like vacuum day or laundry dry. Each has worked at different points depending on what else was taking up my time and what sort of space I lived in. But this is definitely the best system for us currently. Do you have a home cleaning routine or do you still need to work on making it a regular part of your life?

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