No, Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You

You are in the right place. Well, I should say, if you were looking for Not Entirely Perfect, you are in the right place. After a few years (6+ but who's counting?), it was time for a change. And a name change is a pretty dramatic one, yes, but it was that or dropping blogging altogether and I don't think I'm ready to do that quite yet. Changing directions seemed the better choice. I had already changed my content, after all, so what's a little name change to match? It's just so much more fitting for the space.

Admittedly, most of my efforts are focused over at Witch Wednesdays, our podcast, along with the corresponding patreon, website, and upcoming subscription boxes that we'll be sending out. Work that I've enjoyed doing but it does mean I have less time to spend in this space. That's alright with me, but it still didn't feel like time to just quit it altogether. Just time to refocus.

And if anything describes my life and my content, it's the word simple. It all fell together quite nicely.

Hopefully you like the changes, the new name and simple layout. And hopefully I got all of the kinks worked out, like proper redirects, but if you do ever see anything off, please let me know!

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