A Little Laughter, A Little Challenge

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Does anyone else start things on September 1 the same way they do for a new year? Despite being 10 years removed from any kind of schooling, there's something about that back to school season that has the same new year energy for me. I just started my latest round of a 101 in 1001 list in May so I'm not in the mood for a bunch of goal setting, but I am in the mood for I'm doing a fun challenge that I haven't done in awhile - the Fall Film Challenge. Movies and prizes, oh my!

This challenge is something that Jenn hosts annually this time of year. Each year has a different theme, but it always entails each person choosing their own 25 movies within that theme that they want to watch in the next couple of months, that they have never seen before. The first five participants to finish get Amazon gift cards, with a grand prize card going to the person who collects the most points (by watching the most movies on their list as well as on the bonus round list Jenn sets out later). I haven't participated in every year of the challenge, but I'm in this round!

This year's theme is focused around Saturday Night Live - you have to choose 25 films that feature actors who have appeared on SNL as regular cast members or who have hosted three or more times. The movies don't have to be comedies but will often lean that way based on the actors. Jenn was going for a lighthearted theme given the state of things.

I definitely understand the sentiment. Truth is, though, I'm incredibly particular about the types of comedies I actually like. And how often I'll watch comedies in general. So I did not go with a list of 25 straight comedies. I managed to get action and drama in too, and even horror in time for Halloween. Here's my list, along with the actor who meets the requirements:

  1. Murder Mystery - Adam Sandler 
  2. Grown Ups - Maya Rudolph 
  3. Grown Ups 2 - David Spade 
  4. Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows - Robert Downey Jr 
  5. Zombieland Double Tap - Woody Harrelson 
  6. The Help - Emma Stone 
  7. Valentine’s Day - Ashton Kutcher 
  8. Jumanji: The Next Level - Jack Black 
  9. Bird Box - John Malkovich 
  10. How Do You Know - Paul Rudd 
  11. The Irishman - Robert De Niro 
  12. Triple Frontier - Ben Affleck 
  13. Drunk Parents - Alec Baldwin 
  14. Rampage - The Rock 
  15. Booksmart - Jason Sudeikis 
  16. Book Club - Candace Bergen 
  17. Jojo Rabbit - Scarlet Johansson 
  18. The Social Network - Justin Timberlake 
  19. It Chapter Two - Bill Hader 
  20. Sucker Punch - Jon Hamm 
  21. The Lost Husband - Nora Dunn 
  22. Bad Teacher - Cameron Diaz 
  23. Seven Psychopaths - Christopher Walken 
  24. Inferno - Tom Hanks 
  25. The Hustle - Anne Hathaway
Need a little challenge and a little laughter in your life? (And a chance to win gift cards, of course) Still time to join in yourself! Which movies would make your list?