Life Updates

In my mind, it seemed like it had been a very long time since I posted. But it actually hasn't, just about 3 weeks. Perhaps it just feels longer, like everything else lately.

Dad's Health

I updated earlier this year about my parents' health and how that had been a struggle. Happy to report that my mom is doing great. My dad, however, has only worsened. According to a couple doctors, he has no more than 6 more months. None of them are (a) god of course, so anything is possible. But they do tend to be right about these things more often than not. So that is very tough. We're trying to just make the most of the time we do have, but he struggles since he has both heart and kidney failure. Good days and bad, and unfortunately the bad days usually end in him falling somehow and John having to pick him up (I don't know what I would do without John.) If he didn't have my mom, and she weren't 14 years younger than him, he would definitely be in hospice. It takes a toll on her too though, it's a different kind of hard when it's your spouse instead of your parent. And she's been with my dad for 45 years. I try to help where I can with my dad, but I'm mostly a support system for my mom.


Oh, we still went all out for Halloween. The day I need a party or trick or treaters to decorate for my favorite holiday is the day you know my time on earth is up. Chicago actually still allowed trick or treating and we were able to have Tara, Megan and Bill over. Betsy and Kevin also joined us, but out on the deck where we could all be spaced out. It was nice to actually see friends in person. Although I have seen Megan and I had seen Betsy and Kevin (distantly) in April, but I hadn't seen Tara or Bill in a year. That's so crazy to think about, since I tend to see them all spring and summer long, despite the fact that Tara lives in Iowa. There's usually bar crawls and street fests and tailgating, but we all know what 2020 has been like. And we're in for even more of it. I don't know about where you are, but cases are on the rise here in Chicago, so I know I won't see Tara again until summer. Unless, of course, we plan 'bar' golf in the spring... but in my yard.


I don't talk politics on this blog and I don't plan to except to say - of course I am disappointed in the election results. But given the candidates, there is 0 way I wouldn't have been. This is the best our country can come up with? We're pathetic. I know you can't make it to Washington politics without there being something sincerely wrong with your soul, but come on. We have to do better. Now, I have never voted democrat and (unless the Rock runs for president) I never will but I am a huge proponent of voting third party. We need more people in D.C. who do not sit squarely in the pockets of their respective parties. And Jo Jorgensen was a fantastic presidential candidate, if anyone had cared to pay attention. A two party system will never work. We have over 200 years of proof of that fact. So while I respect people's right to differing opinions and encourage everyone to vote, even if we don't agree politically, I have absolutely no respect for anyone who says that voting third party is a wasted vote. Remember that when the next four years are just as shitty because a divided congress can't play nice, even when American lives are on the line.

Huh, guess I had more to say on politics than I thought. As Holmes said in Elementary, democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other ones.

Online Life

Social media sucks, honestly. I might quit all of it in 2021, the idea has been swirling in my brain. The only thing I have left is instagram and it's been annoying with election nonsense. I had originally associated my personal instagram (stephs1120) with this blog, but I since made a blog related instagram (simplebystephanie). I've been working at unfollowing and removing followers off the original account. I now follow pretty much no one except family on the original account - so if I unfollowed you, that's why! Feel free to follow the second account if you want but I honestly don't post much on either. If I keep the account, it will have more regular content in 2021, corresponding to the content on this blog and on my YouTube channel. I have content scheduled on this blog for the rest of the year, a post each week I think, but I have no clue what's in store for 2021. Which is strange for me, I usually have next year's content plan started by now! But we'll just be winging it.

One place I do manage to update regularly is our podcast, Witch Wednesdays. Tara and I put an episode up every Wednesday morning. We also regularly update that instagram (witchwednesdayspodcast), YouTube channel, and of course the Patreon account. If you have an interest in witchcraft, we've got you covered and will continue to offer even more in 2021, including subscription boxes. It's been a very fun venture!

That's enough updates for today (because I'm out of time), but part 2 tomorrow.

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