What Kinds of Actors Make a Party Better

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If you're planning to throw a successful party, you'll want to have all the right ingredients, from the venue and the food to activities and entertainment. After all, you don't want your guests sitting around in silence, looking at their phones, and planning an exit strategy. 

One of the best ways to ensure a lively, successful event is to hire an actor. When you think of actors, you probably envision your favorite movie or TV stars. While it may be possible to hire them, unless you have a massive budget, getting one of the world's most famous actors like Tom Hanks, Ryan Reynolds, or Johnny Depp is an unlikely scenario. 

The better news is that there are actors available that can be hired at a relatively low-cost while making your party one to remember. When researching your options, these types of actors are some of the top picks to consider. 

Character Actors

Just imagine the looks on your guests' faces when Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Jackman's "Wolverine" or even Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow walks in the door. Character actors can do such a great job at impersonating the real thing that some may think you've really managed to get a big-name celebrity to show up at your event. It's something that everyone will probably be talking about for years to come.

Drag Queens

You might hire a drag queen to wow your guests with something unexpected, flashy, and fun. They're always highly entertaining, wearing glittering costumes, belting out songs, and telling jokes while encouraging interaction. Drag queens are naturally the life of the party and are sure to keep things exciting. Many are so good they've even been featured on TV shows and movies. 

Murder Mystery

Murder mystery actors can create an unforgettable evening of intrigue that's guaranteed to eliminate any chance of boredom as it provides an interactive experience for all. Trained professional actors will entertain your guests by playing murder mystery characters, with your guests acting as teams of detectives. Dramatic scenes, clues, and entertainment are all included, providing an evening of unforgettable fun. 


Medieval actors dressed as knights, battling with swords and armor while protecting actors dressed as damsels in distress, can put on a great show that will allow your guests to feel like they're a part of the action. They might put on an impressive jousting display or sword fight, or even recreate medieval music performing on traditional instruments like bagpipes, bandolier drums, tambourines, and recorders while walkabout jesters mingle to provide even more entertainment. 

This is an ideal option when you want a universal crowd-pleaser, as so many people love this time period. It's the reason so many Renaissance fairs are hosted around the world, and so many movies are based in medieval times. It also provides the opportunity for your guests to dress up in clothing from the era. Plus, you'll have a ready-made theme that can be easily incorporated into other aspects of the party, from the decor (think dragons and castles) to the food, perhaps a banquet-style feast.

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