2021 Thoughts

Did anyone else go round and round about goals and resolutions and planners and anything else related to scheduling 2021? I sure did. It's such a strange time, for everyone to be in this limbo of 'what the hell will this year bring?' Do I wait and see if things open up, if people get the vaccine, if any events go on as planned? Should I set some intentions and schedule some things and if so, how? Hope for the best, plan for the worst? Are we even sure what the 'worst' is anymore?

Ultimately, I realized I love goal setting and achieving the things that make my list. I'll obviously keep going with my 101 in 1001 list but I did want to set some 2021 specific intentions that would guide the entire year. Plus I love a good planner and I don't have the need for a day/week planner in my life at the moment. So I ended up going with PowerSheets again. It's a goal setting planner that I've used in the past, and has space for 8 main goals. Not that you have to use all 8, but I sure did. Here's what I came up with:

1. Take Care of Parents. First and foremost, my 2021 intention is to take care of my mom. I'm sad and a little lost without my dad but it's nothing compared to losing a spouse you've been with for 45 years. And I want to take care of my dad too. I want to help my mom decorate the grave any time she wants. I want to get things sorted that need to be done - transferring stocks, closing more accounts, donating his suits to a worthy cause. I know there will be Dad related things for years to come but I imagine that the first year will be the most.

2. No Spend Year. You know, I started 2020 as a no spend year but then 2020 happened and it kind of fell by the wayside. Not that I spend a crazy amount by any means, but I did purchase things I could have done without. Looking at you, Harry Potter Christmas pillows and gold votive candle holders. So I'll be making a more concerted effort this coming year to spend as little as possible outside the essentials. And definitely no 'stuff.' Christmas brought an influx of stuff. Things I love and really wanted (hello Dyson air wrap!), things I'll absolutely use, but still. That means my needs and wants are currently met so I don't think more needs to come in.

3. House to Home. As a minimalist, this is never something I excel at. I want my space to be clean and clear but there's no denying that bits of 'clutter' like throw pillows and picture frames are what make a space feel like home. It's something I've been working on and, in certain rooms, I've been pretty successful. But other spaces I've completely ignored, so I'd like to continue to steadily work on that. And another big component of this goal this year is the fact that we're starting construction in a couple of months to redo the staircase and the upstairs space to pop half the roof up. We'll be moving our bedroom up there and it'll finally fit a king size bed. I might even go with a wall color that's not white or pale grey! Construction projects really, really overwhelm me, so I think focusing on the end result will help me cope.

4. Create Routines. Routines make me happy. Even when they don't go perfectly, just having some semblance of structure in my days makes me calm and less anxious. I have some routines in place but I would like to tweak them and also create a few new ones, everything from exercise to cleaning to my ideal morning. When I do this, I spend my time more efficiently on the things that must be done so I have more time for the things I want to do.

5. Love John and Hawkeye. I have a lot of John and Hawkeye related goals so this seemed like the best way to group them together. Love my two favorites well. It includes fun things like quality time and fun gifts (gifts ranks high on John's love languages list) but also things that wouldn't appear at first glance like they're related - brushing Hawkeye's teeth regularly and meal planning and prepping for John. Keeping them healthy and making their lives easier is part of how I show love (acts of service).

6. Lose 50 Pounds. Probably the biggest goal on my list. 50 seemed like a nice, round number but that puts me well into my healthy weight range which I honestly think is really low for me so I won't be disappointed if it's only more like 30 pounds. But I'll just make slow and steady progress and continually reassess. 

7. Blue Zone Living. I've mentioned Blue Zones before, but essentially they are the zones a study identified as having the longest living while also healthiest populations. It mostly has to do with eating a plant based diet but there are a lot of other healthy living tips that I would like to adopt over the course of the year. Moving more, sleeping well, and reducing stress, of course. But there's also a big component of finding the 'right tribe' which I find intriguing. Essentially, it's about your closest friends and how these bonds can help you live longer. This came into sharp focus for me after my dad passed, as it was incredibly easy to spot who was truly supportive and loving and who was selfish and non-existent. I was a bit surprised, actually, but now that I know, part of this goal is to not waste time on those relationships that I'm not getting the same amount of effort back from and instead focus that time and energy on the people I know have my back. 

8. Profit from Podcast. As I've mentioned, I co-host a weekly podcast on witchcraft called Witch Wednesdays, and yesterday marked one full year of episodes. We also hit 100,000 listens, 600+ YouTube subscribers, 50 patrons on Patreon, 1400+ Instagram followers and began selling our sabbat boxes and have over 40 orders for our first box (which ships in 2 weeks). Just typing that out makes me realizing how much I've already done to help the podcast grow this year. I never gave much thought to profiting from this blog because I never put that much work into it. Writing comes easily to me, so typing out blog posts is quick work. Podcasting, not so much. I do a ton of work and a lot of time goes into it, so I decided that if a second season was going to happen, I'd have to start making some money from it. And we have been, so 2021 is going to be all about growing that. I don't have a definite figure in mind since I'll have to see how the first round of sales goes, but I have some ideas.

So in some way, they're all related to wellness - health, happy home and family, finances, etc. The particular key is that they're all dependent on myself and no outside circumstances. There's no goals related, really, to having to leave my house. And there's both sadness and comfort in that fact. I enjoy my space and I'm okay with not leaving - in fact, part of that is self-induced because my dad spent 50 years as a pediatrician and would never ever give a patient a vaccine that hadn't been out at least a year and even though he's no longer here, I wouldn't go against his wishes, so no covid vaccine for me or John until the fall. Which means all of 2021 will be exactly like most of 2020, staying away from people and wearing a mask. But still, a little sad about another year of missing usual fun events. I think these goals will give me something to work towards and keep me happy and healthy.

Where do you stand on 2021 goals or resolutions? Making any plans now or waiting to see how things pan out?

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