Gift Guide: for the Homemaker

It's on my 101 in 1001 list to share gift guides on the blog, as a way to share some of my favorite things. I decided to start with homemaker gift ideas, because these come the most easily to me. I have everything on this list! Except the popcorn bowl because John hates popcorn and it's not allowed in the house. But I'd have it if I could use it.

1. Kitchen Towels. These are the best kitchen towels I've ever purchased. I love the neutral colors but they're also super soft. They're fairly absorbent for drying dishes as well without leaving any lint, and they dry quickly when hung back up. I think kitchen towels are something that homeowners get cheaply or second hand and end up holding on to way too long.

2. Apron. Aprons are essential for protecting clothing. Everyone asks how I get dressed every day and wear a dress every day, just to do housework. Don't my dresses get dirty? Nope, because that's what aprons are for! Plus the ones with pockets are super useful for carrying around small tools or things that are in the wrong room as you're moving through your clean up routine.

3. Recipe Binder. I spent awhile weighing my options before settling on this recipe binder. The style appealed to me, since it came with laminated slips to place the cards in and dividers to separate the types of recipes. It’s been working out great, so simple to keep out on the kitchen island while cooking and never gets messy. 

4. Glass Jar. Glass jars are useful all over the home. In the pantry of course but also the laundry room and even bathroom to store things like cotton pads or q tips. Getting a pretty glass jar and filling it with homemade cookies or other treats would make the gift doubly sweet and well loved!

5. Popcorn Bowl. Like I said, we're not allowed popcorn in this house, John hates it! The smell, the taste, the texture, everything. But most households love it, so a popcorn bowl would make such a sweet and useful gift, especially when loaded with the popcorn itself as well as fun salts and butters for toppings, and maybe even a movie or Netflix gift card.

6. Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. Williams Sonoma has delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows. Perfect for the winter season, long after the holidays have passed. Pair these with the blanket for a wonderfully cozy gift that any homemaker will appreciate.

7. Snake Plant. My snake plant is still alive and I am not great at plant care, so that's a real testament to their heartiness and ease of care. Plants instantly make a space feel homey and alive, but you never want to gift something that takes a lot of care if you don’t know the recipient is up for it. Snake plants take indirect sunlight and watering maybe every 2 weeks. Easy!

8. Notebooks. I make so many to do lists. They help get all the clutter out of my brain and onto paper, from cleaning tasks to grocery lists to errands to run. Most homemakers have all these same things going on and more, and notebooks make it so easy to keep those thoughts organized.

9. Homemaking Books. There are so many books that would make lovely gifts for a homemaker. The one pictured is called English Etiquette but you could also get Ladies Like Us, The Life Giving Home, or of course a cookbook. There are a wide variety of interests related to homemaking that you could choose from.

10. Candle Sets. I light a candle every day, all year long. You’d think I’d get sick of getting a candle for a gift but I ask for them for every holiday. They’re easy to pair with anything else on this list to make a great gift.

11. Plush Blanket. This blanket is so soft and fluffy, and well loved. I don't think you can have too many nice blankets, because they help make a space cozy and gives the homemaker the opportunity to declutter any that are too scratchy or worn.

Do you have a homemaker in your life to shop for this Christmas? What would you add to the list?

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