Gift Guide: for the Minimalist

Minimalists can be the hardest people to shop for if you're not used to having a minimalist in your life. But the great thing about us is that we usually have some sort of running wish list! We know exactly what we have and therefore exactly what's needed, so I'm always able to supply gift ideas if someone asks me. It just tends to be very useful and consumable items. But if you're stumped or don't have a gift list to work off of, I have a few ideas for those people who don't like clutter and excess.

1. Herb Garden. Consumables are always a smart bet for minimalists, but why not take it a step further and gift a small indoor herb garden? Herbs are not only easy to grow, they're also incredibly useful in the kitchen and can double as decor!

2. Audible Subscription. Audible is a way to gift books but without the physical clutter, if your gift recipient is an audio book fan. An Audible subscription is $15 a month, so you can give one month or a few depending on your budget, and it includes all the free titles Amazon has to offer as well as 1 premium audio book each month.

3. Lifetime Simplify Magazine Subscription. This is only $20 for a lifetime gift! Simplify Magazine is an online magazine with quarterly issues all about simplifying, decluttering, organization, and more, and each issue is a different theme.

4. Fancy Coffee or Tea. I make coffee every morning. Obviously, that adds up! There's no way I'm shelling out for the really nice stuff every day (like Death Wish). So when someone gifts it to me instead, I get very excited and my coffee feels so much more indulgent. And tastes better of course. The same goes for regular tea drinkers - constantly buying the 'good' stuff can get very expensive.

5. Chemex. These make a truly delicious cup of coffee without the waste of k-cups. Plus they look so beautiful, so they make great kitchen decor in a minimalist kitchen.

6. Smart Notebook. Have a minimalist that loves to write or draw? A smart notebook is much less wasteful. This easily stores everything you write down digitally and then the pages reset to blank simply by microwaving it. 

7. DNA Test. Personally, these creep me out. But they are well-loved! I know quite a few people who want this for Christmas. If your minimalist is interested in ancestry, a clutter-free DNA testing kit could be the perfect gift.

Do you have a minimalist on your holiday shopping list? What are you planning to gift them?

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