Hi, I'm Stephanie. I believe that simple living is the key to long term health and happiness, so I try to live my life according to Blue Zone principles. I'm here to encourage you to consume less so you can live more.
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Blue Zone Living

I'm about a month into my goals and making steady progress. I plan on sharing an update next week about my January Tending List and also share what I have planned for February as far as those baby steps go. But I wanted to take a post specifically to explain the Blue Zone Living Challenge , which appears both on m…

Declutter 2021 Items in 2021

One thing that's not on my own goals list is to declutter, but of course you know that's because I've already done it. Nothing survives long in this house if it's not being used, because I prefer a minimalist, clean look. Having clutter just makes it harder to clean, harder to find things, harder to sp…

Starting a No Spend Year? Read This First

Are you watching your finances in 2021? I am, I'm doing a no spend year. And this is not my first rodeo, I'm pretty well-versed in not spending money. It's actually always been in my nature - I used to sell my Halloween candy to my cousins and mom rather than eat it, and then spend the money on ... nothing…

21 Things I'm Doing in 2021

Although I love the 8 main goals I set up for the year, they really are more like overarching themes. I know what steady progress I need to make in order to be able to check it off by the end of 2021, but they aren't the same as 'one and done' goals. And I really love being able to cross those one and done…

January 2021 Tending List

Last time we chatted, it was still 2020, so welcome, new year. I'm intrigued to see what you hold, but I'm in no way holding my breath. What I am doing, though, is setting some personal goals and methodically working through them each month. Last week I shared the overview of my 8 main goals of the year, all f…