21 Things I'm Doing in 2021

Although I love the 8 main goals I set up for the year, they really are more like overarching themes. I know what steady progress I need to make in order to be able to check it off by the end of 2021, but they aren't the same as 'one and done' goals. And I really love being able to cross those one and done goals off a list. I have a few things I'm sure I want to get done this year. Some relate to those themes, or to my 101 list, and some are completely on their own. I just wanted to have this list so I wouldn't forget anything. And of course I had to go with the 21 in the '21.

Here's what I'm planning on working on in 2021:

1. Cull Phone Contacts. I don't know why this is still on my to do list, it would take me less than 10 minutes, but I keep putting it off. Now that I've added it to this list, it'll probably be the first one done.

2. Find a (Green) Tea I Like. There's so many benefits to tea, especially green. I'd like to find a go to that I really enjoy. Ideally this will be a green tea but I've been really unsuccessful with green in the past so if it just doesn't work out, then a white or black would be okay too. Any good tea trials you know of? Hate buying full boxes or tins of tea and then not loving it, what a waste.

3. Make Everything Out of the How Not to Die Cookbook. My favorite cookbook yet, though you really have to be committed to the lifestyle to enjoy it - it's entirely plant based, no meat or dairy, along with no added salt. But I've made 3 things so far and they were all perfect, even the vegan brownies which I was the most skeptical about. So I want to steadily cook my way through the book. If there's anything I really know I won't eat, I'll skip it, but there are very few in the book I'm not willing to try. Kale crisps being one, I already know I hate them.

4. Organizing My Car. I bought (at a 50% discount, thanks dad) my mom's car in 2019 since my dad couldn't drive anymore. They only needed one car. I keep it really clean, there's nothing that stays in the trunk or back seat that shouldn't be there - it's not a storage spot. But I need to better organize the things that are in there, like the 5 bottles of hand sanitizer, pile of masks, and last year's insurance cards. It won't take me long, I just need to do it. Which will be easier on one of the days I'm staying at my mom's house while she's in Florida because her garage is heated!

5. Have Sister in Law Time. We mostly hang out when the boys are around, but we really need to plan something for just the three of us. The last year was pretty restricted because Beth works as a nurse in an emergency room so she really couldn't be around. But she got her covid vaccine just before Christmas so she's cleared to hang out with us again. And Julie lives 3 blocks away, there's no excuse other than her work hours are crazy.

6. Read 30 Books. It's on my 101 list to read 101 by the time the timeframe is over. I'm at 23 now. I go through phases where I don't read anything for a month and then read 10 books in 4 days, so I need this goal to remind myself to pick up a book, not a remote.

7. Spend Quality One on One Time with My Three Best Friends, in Person. Things are improving in the world and I did see these three in 2020 but obviously not a lot. So even if it's still 6 feet apart, I am making the effort to spend real time with Betsy, Ida, and Megan in 2021. Once each will check it off my list but I hope for it to be more, of course.

8. Call My Other Four Closest Friends on Their Birthdays. Which are Sarah, Meredith, Katie, and Kelli. The last few years, as all 4 of them had kids, we've resorted to texting on birthdays and generally being too busy. But they are my closet girlfriends (after the three in #7) and made the effort to call after my dad passed and be genuinely helpful, I feel it's important to spend the time connecting this year. 

9. Update 101 in 1001 List. There are 3 items on my 101 list that I already failed. I'm not upset about it. But I still would like to add new items to replace them. Even at the end of this year, I'll still have 1.5 years to work on my list so I might as well work on more things!

10. Declutter (and Track) 100 Items. I've decluttered a ton and as a minimalist, I have very little to go. But that doesn't change the fact that new things come in and old things (especially clothing) gets worn out. I've been decluttering or discarding things as I come across them but I'd like to focus on decluttering 100 items and actually tracking it. I think it will give interesting insight into what I still have and what areas keep causing issues.

11. Add Picture Frames and Photos. We have two. I'm super picky about frames, and they don't make the ones I like anymore. So I need to find something that matches well. I also only like black and white photos in picture frames so I'll have to get some of those printed. Nothing crazy here of course, I'm still me, but maybe 3 more would be good.

12. Create a Tarot 101 Video Series. I plan on doing this for my Patreon channel. I think it's valuable to have it all in one spot and to progress in a way that makes sense. It will also help me become more familiar with each card and allow me to read more intuitively.

13. Research Business Legality. As my Etsy shop generates more profit that is not directly invested back into the business as a business expense, I'll need to do some research on running things above board. I'm unfamiliar in this territory. Make an LLC? Get a business permit? Pay quarterly taxes? I think I have some leeway this year, the first year, as there is very little profit, but next year I'll need to set these things up.

14. Track Income and Expenses and Pay Out Quarterly. Leaving the financials until the end of 2021 is a mistake that will overwhelm me. Quarterly profit payouts will be much easier to track. And I'll be forced to stay on top of the income and expense report.

15. Organize Storage Closets. We're remodeling the upstairs and it's where our new master bedroom will be. Construction to begin as soon as Chicago issues our permits (which could take months). On the other half, along the walls, will be storage for our holiday decor. I can't wait to get it all organized!

16. Set Up Desk Area. This is another project for the new upstairs. We currently don't have great space to put a desk or our printer, which means I just use my laptop while sitting on the living room couch. Which was fine when I had an office job but now that I'm home and regularly shipping things related to my side business, I'd prefer a desk space. There will be a great spot for it upstairs!

17. Organize Kitchen and Sun Room. Part of the remodeling involves the staircase we hate so much. But fixing this means that things will move around in the kitchen, namely the cabinets. I don't think we'll be losing any storage space, but it will change, so I'd like to get that all sorted out. And likewise organize in the sun room right off the kitchen, since some things will move into there.

18. Add Recipes to Recipe Binder. I love my recipe binder and I added a ton, but I have a stack of about 10 recipes that need to get in there, at least. This is not complicated by any means, I just don't write things down anymore so my handwriting sucks and I have to go slower to make it look nice.

19. Improve the Pain in My Foot. It's at the base of my second toe, it's like inside the foot. A ligament maybe? It's been hurting since Halloween at least and the pain is worse the more I walk around on it. The thing is, there is nothing a doctor could do about it, that's how foot injuries go. So I haven't gotten it checked out and it hasn't improved. I either need to see a doctor, or actually ice my foot and keep it elevated for 6 weeks like the Dr. Google recommends.

20. Try My Hand at Pasta Sauce. My dad was the sauce maker. It was the best in the world, it made me totally unable to eat sauce from a jar or eat pasta at restaurants. I have the recipe but he always did little things here and there to tweak it, I don't know if we'll ever replicate it exactly. But I think it will be really nice to try, with my mom, using my dad's favorite pots and pans.

21. Create a 2022 Printable Planner. I'm excited for this one! I don't think, in terms of overall hours spent, that it will take that long to create a printable planner, but I don't want to throw something together at the last minute. I want to create something pretty that will also be useful, and have that available on Etsy by the fall sometime.

Have you set any specific goals for 2021? Thinking of making a to do list of 21 of them? Let me know in the comments what some of yours are.

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