January 2021 Tending List

Last time we chatted, it was still 2020, so welcome, new year. I'm intrigued to see what you hold, but I'm in no way holding my breath. What I am doing, though, is setting some personal goals and methodically working through them each month. Last week I shared the overview of my 8 main goals of the year, all falling under the 'focus on wellness' theme. Now, I'm sharing how I'm breaking those down.

In my PowerSheets planner, after the pages where you do all the prep and list the final goals, there comes the monthly tabs. There's two pages for planning what's coming up in the month and then the page called the Tending List. It's where you list out the baby steps to work on that month that will get you to the final, big goal. There's room for monthly goals, things you'd do weekly, and finally a daily section for habits you want to work on every day. Each section has a fill in bar for tracking.

In 2021, I plan on sharing my progress each month - showing the page from the previous month as well as what I have planned for the upcoming month. I don't believe anyone is particularly interested in my personal goals, but I think it can be helpful to see what others' are doing, to get inspiration as well as motivation. Plus, it keeps me more accountable, knowing that I have to do these check ins. So here's what I have as my general plan for January:

Some highlights: my main goal is my diet/cleanse. It's going to be a tweaked version of Whole30. I have done Whole30 before but it was tough because I'm a vegetarian. At that time, I was eating eggs so it was doable, but tough. At this time, I'm not eating eggs so there would be no protein source outside of what's naturally in produce, but that's not quite enough. So even though it's not technically compliant, I'm going to be eating beans and lentils. I know these don't bother my system (Whole30 aims to eliminate the foods that are most inflammatory to the most amount of people), so I'm okay with changing the rules to suit my needs. But the rest of the rules I plan on adhering to - no sugar other than whole fruits, no dairy, no liquor, no grains. I like doing a reset like this every January.

The other main goal is getting my mom to Florida (she leaves January 7th for 4 months), making sure she has a nice time, and taking care of things here, specifically her dog. Otherwise my goals are just the baby steps to my bigger ones. Color coded of course, because I am who I am.

I don't foresee filling every line with a goal every month. Nor working on all 8 big goals every month. But I know I'm always particularly motivated in January and end up accomplishing a lot, so I thought I would take that knowledge and go ahead and push myself.

I'll be back Thursday with a few more very specific goals - 21 things I plan on getting done in 2021. Since these 8 main goals are more overarching and require me steadily working all year and keeping them at the front of my mind, I also wanted a few 'one and done' goals because I really enjoy checking things off a to do list.

Have you made any 2021 goals? Do you make baby steps to track your progress each month?

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