February 2021 Tending List

A new month, a new round of goals. If you missed last month, I did set 8 overarching goals this year using my PowerSheets, and the planner has a new section each month to make monthly, weekly, and daily smaller goals to help get you to those 8 big ones. I enjoy the system and the some what of a 'fresh start' each month, so I'm sharing what I have planned for February. But first, a look back at January's progress.

January Review

Ignore the smudges. It looks like I spilled water but in fact Hawkeye fell asleep on my planner and her little nose got it all wet but I didn't have the heart to wake her and move her.

As you can see, I did well on all the monthly and weekly goals. The daily section is where I struggled. I set up a cleaning routine but not until mid-month and then I didn't track it even though I did it a lot of the days - it's moved to February so I can really master this. We also did not brush Hawkeye's teeth hardly at all. A few more times than I tracked (I forgot it was a goal and didn't mark when), but still, barely anything. Also getting moved to February but as a weekly goal because daily was just too ambitious. I started the month strong but definitely waned at the end.

The mid to end of the month was a weird place for me. It marked exactly 2 months since my dad died and I took that milestone harder than I anticipated. I think there was so much going on right after he died that there wasn't time to process - there was the funeral and all the things that go with it, there were the holidays, and then getting my mom off to Florida by January 7. Once things slowed down, I had more time to process and just be sad. Plus with my mom in Florida, I spend a couple nights a week at her house to check on things, have lights on, etc., and of course everything here is a reminder of my dad. And it all just made me not want to work on my goals.

I am feeling better now though (thank god for Betsy), so I have renewed energy for February.

February Tending List

February looks similar in some respects. There's a section in the planner to revamp the goals every 90 days so you're not looking at the whole year at once. Help you define those baby steps and all that. For example, my goal is to 'create routines' and for the first quarter I'm concentrating on a sustainable cleaning routine. Once that's mastered, I can move on to other routines like morning and evening routines, an online work routine, an exercise routine, etc.

Some highlights:

- As you're reading this post, taxes are actually already done! I was waiting on one form from the IL government which I thought was going to take way longer given the way IL usually operates but it came on time. Trust me, I'm more shocked than anyone. But taxes are done, though the governments have not started accepting them yet. They'll get submitted automatically once they do, but anything I need to do is finished and now I just wait. Feels good.

- We're going to start construction soon on the top level of our house, and the staircase I hate so much. We're doing a future value construction loan, which is a very specific type of way to finance this kind of stuff, and were waiting on paperwork but we've done all that now and got all the approvals and things we need. I believe the next step is waiting on permits from the city which could honestly take two weeks or two months. But at least now we can make a plan - finalize more details, finish the demo up there, decide where to store stuff in the meantime, move things around, all that fun stuff. By the end of the month, we should have a solid start date in mind.

- Winning the Diet Bet and hitting my mini weight goal are tied together, as are all the other goals marked with green. I can't remember if I mentioned, but my friend Megan and I signed up for a 6 month diet bet (you bet money on the app that you'll lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months) because she has her sister's wedding in June and I just want to lose weight this year. They have little milestones you have to hit every month to win money along the way, and then win overall at the end. I hate losing money so I will win again this month! But my own personal goal for the month is a little lower than what the app wants, so I'm really stretching it this month. I think I can do it!

- Daily planner time. Part of the reason I didn't meet some of January's goals was just not checking in often enough with the planner. I plan to keep it open to this page, on my coffee table, so I see it every single day. I need the reminder.

- Set up and follow my screen time limits. There are some things I just don't have and don't spend time on, but I do have Instagram. I'm never on it for my personal/this blog account, but I am for our podcast account. Too much. I set a 15 minute limit with the screen time tracker on my iPhone. I think I need to set one for YouTube as well. Just to be away from it all more often, not let it drive me insane. Highly recommend you watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix if you haven't yet.

What's made your February goals list?

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