March Tending List (Goal Progress)

If you happen to be thinking 'hey, the last post I read from Steph was about February goals', you would be correct. That's the last time I showed up to this space. I'm good with that - this isn't a priority right now (as you can tell by my goals) so if I'm going through the effort of writing a post, it's going to be worthwhile for you or for me. Not just getting something posted for the sake of being here every week. I'm sure you don't care all that much, so let's get into goals, shall we? First, February progress.

march goals

February Review

Things that went well:

- Taxes went way more smoothly than I thought, got that done quick. And I actually already got my refund! Not from the state of Illinois but that's to be expected.

- Won the DietBet for the month and just about hit my mini goal. I'm like half a pound away, I'm counting it. Also did well on the weigh ins, plant based eating, water, and texting Megan every day as my accountability partner.

- Podcast work has been on track, weekly episodes along with Patreon, instagram, and website content. It's a lot, it's where I spend most of my time but I enjoy it.

Things that didn't:

- Totally forgot to organize cleaning supplies. The area in the basement where we store them is kind of a mess, it'll be one of the nagging tasks I get done in March, I hope.

- Brushing Hawkeye's teeth. We took baby steps to work on it but she is just such a pain and I wouldn't count anything we did as full brushing of the teeth. I give her teeth cleaning treats and water but I know it's not the same. Any advice, dog owners?

- I ignored my screen limits more times than I should have. Just for Instagram. Not like I'm scrolling looking at nonsense but just for the podcast, posting and answering questions and things. I set it for 15 minutes a day but maybe I need more than that to do those tasks? I'm not sure. I'm leaving the limit for March and seeing how I do. I think I need to learn more efficiency with that one.

March Tending List

Some highlights:

- You have to remove grave decor before March 15th because that's when they start all the landscaping I guess. And my mom is still in Florida so I have to get that done. It'll be the first time I've been there without my mom.

- Yes, I'm already beginning a Christmas spending plan. I try to do it on $0 of my own dollars spent, so I either earn the money on Swagbucks or get certain items for free. That takes some planning so the earlier I start, the better. I actually have 3 out of 11 people all done already!

- Everything is in place to start construction (we sign the re-fi/construction loan papers on March 4) and after that we just wait for permits to get a start date. So to prep, I need to declutter and clean. It affects the upstairs, which is empty, but also the entire kitchen. I'm not ready for tackling the kitchen until I absolutely have to, so I'm starting with the closet and bathroom. Closet because I'll need the space to store things during the work and bathroom because it's the next room over and should be easy so why not.

- No sugar month! I feel so much better when I avoid sugar (not fruits or dates, but everything else). It'll also help me win the next round of DietBet, which Megan and I are signed up for through June so that'll keep appearing on my goals list. I'm also finally starting some exercise, which is why you see daily treadmill time on there. Just walking, nothing crazy.

- Daily no spending has made the list again (it appeared in January). As it's a no spend year, I know it seems redundant to check in every single day and make sure I didn't spend, but I didn't follow it as closely in February when it didn't make the list. Not that I regret anything I purchased (a floor cushion and two books I know I wanted to own), but I found myself browsing more than usual and thereby buying things I absolutely will use (two pairs of shoes and an organizing caddy) but didn't need to buy right in that moment. The point of a no spend year is not giving in to that instant gratification, and I need the extra reminder of that this month.

- With construction coming, I'm committing to finishing one nagging task every single day. Cleaning, decluttering, organizing, fixing something, anything that I see and think 'I need to get that done before half my house is basically unusable.'

What made your March goals list?

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