Hi, I'm Stephanie. I believe that simple living is the key to long term health and happiness, so I try to live my life according to Blue Zone principles. I'm here to encourage you to consume less so you can live more.
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April Tending List (Goal Progress)

Can I just say that sticking to a single goal setting planner for a full 3 months, heading into 4, is pretty fantastic for me? I'm a sucker for new planners and quitting something every quarter to get something new. I'm working on it. I also tend to change my yearly goals, which isn't a problem except when…

Weekly Chat and Things

I know the title says weekly but I also know better than to promise such things. But 'a Friday chat that may or may not happen every week' is just too long of a title. I need a space to chat about life happenings. You see, I constantly waffle back and forth between wanting to make useful, longer blog posts abo…

Spring Rituals

It goes back and forth here, day by day, between spring weather and decidedly winter temperatures. But it is officially spring as of this past Saturday. And regardless of the outdoor fluctuations, it certainly feels like spring, in that it feels like things are changing and I have the itch to get the needle moving. W…

March Tending List (Goal Progress)

If you happen to be thinking 'hey, the last post I read from Steph was about February goals', you would be correct. That's the last time I showed up to this space. I'm good with that - this isn't a priority right now (as you can tell by my goals) so if I'm going through the effort of writing a …