Hi, I'm Stephanie. I believe that simple living is the key to long term health and happiness, so I try to live my life according to Blue Zone principles. I'm here to encourage you to consume less so you can live more.
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April Tending List (Goal Progress)

Can I just say that sticking to a single goal setting planner for a full 3 months, heading into 4, is pretty fantastic for me? I'm a sucker for new planners and quitting something every quarter to get something new. I'm working on it. I also tend to change my yearly goals, which isn't a problem except when it makes me want a fresh planner. But the Powersheets have a quarterly check in area so you can change things if you want. For now, I stuck with my original 8 goals, and just adjusting the mini goals under each to shift focus for the next 3 months. 

First, a look back at March:

- Failed at no sugar very early in the month and then totally forgot about.

- Feel like I have a little more to do on Christmas planning.

- Got Q1 payments all settled, that was great!

- Missed date night last week because of John's crazy work schedule but we're having one tonight so I'll be able to check off this week's box.

- I spent too much this month. Like on new brakes for my car ugh. Next up is new tires. I'm so over this nonsense.

And now, my April plans:

Some highlights:

- My mom comes home April 11, so I'm prioritizing in person time with her and daily check ins.

- I'm going to start up some cash envelopes again, I think it'll help with budgeting out for 'fun' expenditures that come with summer, even under pandemic conditions.

- I WILL get a construction start date. Betsy says this is out of my control as we are waiting on permits from the city of Chicago but I swear I will call twice a day until I get some damn answers.

- One of the 9 tenets of the Blue Zone Living plan is to know your purpose. I find this a little vague so I'm going to research it a bit more in their online materials and then determine how I'd rank myself on this aspect.

- Choosing patience this month with John and Hawkeye, even when he puts dirty dishes in my clean sink instead of the empty dishwasher or she barks like a psycho when John takes the trash out, because it's our anniversary and Hawkeye's 12th birthday. No sense in getting annoyed at the little things.

- Aiming for a daily outdoor walk. It won't always be possible (like if it's a day full of rain), but if the weather is cooperative, we're going! That'll help with my weekly step goal so I won't have to get on the treadmill so much.

- Signed up for WW (formerly Weight Watchers) for some accountability on making healthy choices, so I'm planning to check in daily on their app.

- All homemade food this month! I was close on that in April, but I did eat Chitpotle once and some of John's pizza another time. So focusing this month on eating things I prep at home.

What's on your goal list for April?