Spring Rituals

It goes back and forth here, day by day, between spring weather and decidedly winter temperatures. But it is officially spring as of this past Saturday. And regardless of the outdoor fluctuations, it certainly feels like spring, in that it feels like things are changing and I have the itch to get the needle moving. What needle? Moving where? Who knows, I just feel like I have to do something. There's always an unrest associated with this time of year and a desire to be productive.

Fun fact: we're smack in the middle of what I dubbed my GYST (Get Your Shit Together) Week. From Sunday until this coming Sunday, John worked or will work 5 out of 7 days. Which means I have boatloads of free time at home to finally get stuff done, because it's much easier to be productive when I'm home alone. So I made a very, very long to do list and text Betsy constantly about what I'm checking off in just about every area of my life.

It's a spring ritual of mine to spend a week of dedicated time getting things accomplished. And I don't just mean spring cleaning in the traditional sense (we do that too, but I wait for John's help and for the weather to warm up, which in Chicago puts us almost in summer but whatever), but spring cleaning things like my wardrobe and my diet and my social media and how I spend my time... everything I can think of. It's my time to take stock of my surroundings and life in general, something I'm not great at on January 1st for some reason. But I sure am great at it in March - I got the contacts in my phone down to 30, for example.

I've also made a few changes to my skincare and makeup routine, leading to a bit of a bathroom declutter, and made over my diet which led to a closet declutter because almost nothing fits anymore (yay! kind of. Depression diet is real, y'all, but I'm trying to be healthy still. Not emotionally. Emotionally I am not dealing with things at all but that is a story for another blog post. But healthy in that I eat a shit ton of salad.) I'm holding out for a few more pounds lost before I create my new ideal wardrobe, but fingers crossed for a blog post about it during the summer some time. I assessed where to focus my time with podcast and shop related activities and started working on this so I'm a month ahead, at least, with content. I even gave my self a pedicure and made candles. (Yes, made.)

And now I'm here, re-dedicating time to this blog.

But spring, if you didn't know, is about balance. At least the equinox is, when the day and night were of equal length. So the importance of balancing all that GYST energy with true slow lived, stress free moments is not lost on me. Not all of my time is spent systematically checking things off the list. Some other spring rituals around here:

- Evening tea time. I put it on my goals list for 2021 to find a green tea that I liked and I succeeded. So well, in fact, that John's been drinking most of it. But that's okay, because we've been enjoying a nightly ritual of having blueberry green tea with berries or apples. No matter how much I'm feeling motivated to get things done, I know the daily downshift is of utmost important for my health and sanity. 

- Home cooking. Or home mixing things together, because you don't really cook salad, do you? But since health and weight loss are on my goals list this year, I haven't been eating takeout which means John hasn't either. We've always prepped a lot of meals at home but it definitely seems like we've been doing more in the last month.

- A pile of bedtime books. I don't always know what I'm in the mood for but I've been making reading a priority because I dream about exactly whatever media I consumed right before bed. One can only dream about Dr. Now and a train speeding through a dead, snow covered world (can you tell what I've been watching?) so many times before coming to the inevitable conclusion that it's time for an eye and brain break in the form of actual reading.

- Outdoor dog walks. They were so cooped up when we got two feet of snow and everyone is happy to be out walking. Joey is 15 and Hawkeye still has occasional leg issues after her ACL tear last year so of course we bring the dog stroller, but getting out for a family walk as many days of the week as possible has been a nice change of pace.

Are you experiencing a spring change of pace? A purposeful quarterly push forward or a full stop to notice things springing to life?

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