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I know the title says weekly but I also know better than to promise such things. But 'a Friday chat that may or may not happen every week' is just too long of a title. I need a space to chat about life happenings. You see, I constantly waffle back and forth between wanting to make useful, longer blog posts about minimalism, organizing, goals, budgeting, homemaking, simple living and more that have actionable tips to apply to your own life on the one hand and chatting about the truly mundane details of my own life on the other hand. Sometimes these meld together in the same post, but not lately. So I'll be occasionally popping in with these life chats.

I mentioned in Tuesday's post that part of my March rhythm is getting stuff done and I still have two more days of my GYST week to go. Happy to report that most of my extensive to do list is checked off and I feel great about having made that progress. There are some tasks I do each day so slowly work towards an end goal but man, it's a nice feeling to have buckled down and worked hard to be incredibly productive for one week knowing I can now slack off completely in the coming month.

Because I have a lot of feelings as we approach April. My mom's been in Florida since the first week in January and she comes home April 11. I'm very excited to see her and spend time together in person but I'm simultaneously dreading the day. Because I know for fact that it's going to bring a lot of emotions about my dad, emotions I have not dealt with. Since they always spent winters in Florida, I've been mentally thinking he's just on vacation. And I know there's going to be something so final about my mom coming home and being in their house, all alone. I hate processing feelings, but it's going to be hard to keep avoiding. After the last 4.5 months, I have no idea how I could possibly cry anymore, but I'm tearing up just typing this so here we go again. I miss my dad.

So while I've been being productive around the house, I've also been binge watching My 600 Lb Life because Dr. Now reminds me of my dad. (Not just me, a lot of people have made the comparison.) Somehow, just listening to him makes me feel a little better. But I do wonder how long I can keep distracting myself with TV shows and to do lists.

In other news, John moved firehouses. He was downtown, and now he moved to the Southside, practically Indiana. It's a drive, but since he makes it at 5:15 in the morning, it's not terrible. He loves the new place. South and west are where all the fire happens and he's one of those crazies that wants to work hard and actually have burning buildings to run into. Go figure. He'll likely be here for awhile. And they have a house dog, a rescue named Lucy. A literal rescue, someone tied her to a pole as a puppy and left her there and they saved her. Yes, the dog is the most important part of this news, of course. I already added her to the Christmas gift list. Pets over people, my life motto.

That's all the updates I have in me at the moment, so here's a few other things I've been enjoying right now:

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So tell me in the comments - do you have interest in my life chats or should I just publish them to a private diary instead?

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