A Friday Check In

April is in full swing over here, with warmer temperatures, cloud cover, and occasional rain. I enjoy it more than summer so I'll take it while it lasts. But the warm temps have John itching to bar crawl. I'm not comfortable with that yet (I'm not vaccinated), and the more I stay home, the more I want to stay home. My introverted homebody skills are unparalleled. Along with a general dislike for the human population, it's a good combination for spending 24/7 with my dog (and John when he's not working of course). So instead of checking in with live people in person, I check in here instead. Some  other thoughts swirling in my brain on this spring Friday morning:

My mom gets home Sunday. But I went over my related thoughts about that already. Honestly, I imagine she's feeling similarly. She contemplated extending her vacation but ultimately decided she'd miss her dog too much. So she'll be on her way soon, and I'll be glad to see her. We face time of course but she hasn't seen the full me since she left and I'm down 30 lbs since then so I think she's in for a surprise! I don't think it's noticeable but John says it is, as does my friend Megan who has been doing Diet Bets with me. I'm going to see Betsy soon for a blog day, organizing her wardrobe, and just generally celebrating her birthday, and I haven't seen her since Halloween. Hoping she'll notice too - it's always harder to see the progress in yourself than it is for other people to notice, and I love when my friends have positive things to say, it's so motivating to keep going (and I have another 20 lbs to go so I need it!)

Speaking of friends, I've seen a lot of articles about making friends as an adult. Probably because of the isolation of the pandemic, combined with the fact that it's just generally harder to meet new people as an adult. But I kind of want to go the other way - consciously and intentionally ending friendships as an adult (as opposed to the usual letting them slip away). Because I did this after my dad passed, when someone I considered a good friend was incredibly selfish, hurtful, rude, etc. And rather than let her drift away, I called her out with a 'we are not friends and here's why' conversation. I tend to be a very confrontational person, and I'm glad I did it. I think it's really important to set boundaries and be honest, and of course to get toxic people out of your life. So I'm thinking about doing a post about the whole thing, but I wonder if that's a little too dramatic for a simple living blog.

But a good thing to come out of that whole situation is that it helped with my yearly goal of completing the Blue Zone Living challenge. One part of it is finding your tribe as well as generally removing stress from your life, so I feel like I'm well on my way to checking both of those off as completed. I'm making great progress on all my yearly goals (well, you see that in each month's Powersheets post), and I plan on updating those goals at the 6 month mark in June sometime. Which is only 2 months away, insanity. I'm also making the same great progress on my current 101 in 1001 list. I'm at the year mark for that one and a bit ahead of schedule. Happy about that! I truly love checking stuff off lists.

Links I Love

This Article on Changed Friendships. Rings so particularly true for me.

Beatrice Caruso YouTube videos. She honestly cracks me up. She's on a weight loss journey to lose 100 lbs and she tries out a bunch of different eating or fitness challenges to get there. It's really relatable and she has a great sense of humor, so it's like chatting with a friend. I always enjoy when a new Bea video comes out.

Greek Chickpea Salad. People have asked what I've been eating to lose weight. Salad. It's always salad, we don't like the salad but we gots to eats the salads if we wants to lose the pounds. But this is actually a really delicious and easy one so it makes it okay. I have it over mixed greens though, and sometimes have avocado instead of feta cheese.

30 Ideas for Self Care for Spring. These are all so simple and easy to incorporate this month.

What's on your mind this Friday?

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