Friday Thoughts

Tomorrow is May 1 - I'd insert a Justin Timberlake meme if I weren't so lazy. On the one hand I keep thinking that 4 months in to 2021 is a long time and I haven't done much with it, but then on the other hand I think that there's 8 months left in the year to make progress. My goals post is coming next week, and I have made progress but April was not as good as the other months. Probably why I feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished even though I definitely have.

I have, in fact, gotten a ton of spring cleaning done. All the inside windows for one, and John did them outside. My mom actually brought it up last weekend that she struggles cleaning her mirrors and they always streak and she was going to hire someone to do the outside windows and see if they could do inside mirrors (all her closet doors are mirrored as well as an entire wall in the basement so it's more than it sounds like). I was like 'huh? That's literally the easiest task' and then washed them all for her, streak free, in 10 minutes or less, and then came home and did my windows with the same solution. She was shocked that it was so simple and quick.

I figured I would share it here because, seriously, so easy. One cup water, one cup vinegar, 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap. Mix it up, apply to mirrors and windows (either with a spray bottle or just wipe it on with a microfiber cloth like I do), let sit for a couple minutes, wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth. That's it! I wipe side to side like a windshield wiper motion but even that isn't necessary - wipe however you want, it still won't streak. People don't like to believe that non-toxic and non-commercial cleaners work just as well as the name brand stuff, but that's what marketers are paid for. Don't fall for it.

In other news, Kentucky Derby weekend is here, which I love of course, but all horse racing reminds me of my dad. Another first - first Derby without him here. He would want us to watch and cheer and enjoy though, so I'm making the most of it. With the Oaks today and the Derby tomorrow. Who's your pick?

Tomorrow is also the pagan holiday Beltane, which has a lot of similarities with May Day. Poles and ribbons and bonfires. Lots of food and drinking. No big celebrations this year, of course, but I may convince John to light a little fire outside tomorrow after the Derby to make some s'mores and have a drink. And an early bedtime, he works Sunday. I'm good with that though - I've said before, the more I stay home, the more I want to stay home. I'm enjoying my home versions of celebrations!

Links I Love:

Vegan Crunchwraps. I love vegan versions of Taco Bell favorites! It's actually not impossible to order vegan at Taco Bell, though vegetarian is much easier. The vegan options are always lacking though, since cheese provides so much flavor. So the at home version is much better because vegan cheese has come a long way! Plus then I can control all the ingredients including the salt and preservatives levels.

Why goals don't always have to be productive. I set all kinds of goals, and I don't enjoy the pressures to make them 'SMART' goals. There's a time and place for those productive goals (I set plenty myself) but there's something to be said for goals with no definable end date or productive impact on your life. Things that help you grow as a person or heck just make you happier are still worthwhile. And if you need to schedule that in as a goal to make them happen, I am all for it. I do it too!

Child-free by choice. Heck yes. My closest friends are all child-free by choice, I just get along better with those in a similar life situation. People don't always understand my choice and it's not my job to make them, so this article is a nice read for anyone still confused. (Though my own interview in an article like that would be quite short - "I have hated children since I was one of them.")

Other things I love that I wanted to mention: stuff I've watched. I'm a TV watcher, but not the actual TV. Just series that are on a streaming service so I can binge watch all the episodes. So two shows I wanted to mention, because I find myself actually looking up when a season 2 will come out (they've both been renewed) - Fate Winx Saga on Netflix if you love soapy teen fantasy drama a la Vampire Diaries, Legacies, Riverdale, etc. and Flack on Amazon Prime if you love dramatic rich people chaos like Reign, Suits, Mad Men, etc. Both really good, unlike each other, and I did not anticipate enjoying them as much as I did. And can I just say that I have loved Anna Paquin since Fly Away Home and she has never disappointed. Queen.

What's your weekend looking like? Washing mirrors and windows? Watching dramatic TV? Both?

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