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As you're reading this, the pups are at the groomer and that's about the best news I could have to share on a Friday morning - they stank. Their usual groomer has been out dealing with medical issues so I had to find a new one and they were all booked out so far in advance! Took forever to find a good one and get them in. Those shaggy mutts are going to look so much better in a few hours. As for other weekly updates:

I'm heading to Betsy's house tomorrow and I'm very excited for it. And not just because I haven't seen her since Halloween (and almost 6 months is a long time to not see one of your bffs), or because it's almost her birthday (Monday). No, it's because she's actually letting me Kon Mari her wardrobe! We've done declutters before but she's always reluctant to do a full wardrobe makeover. But since it's on her 101 in 1001 list, we're getting it done! We're also working on her blog revamp and general content creating goals, but I'm mostly psyched for the closet clean out part. I am me, after all.

I think I'll revisit the topics of closet decluttering as well as creating a minimalist wardrobe here on the blog. I've talked about these things before but I have updates and new tips to share. Closets are constantly evolving just because it's nearly impossible for an item to last your entire lifetime when you wear it all the time. So I'll have to take some notes tomorrow.

Spring is just the ideal time for a refresh. I think of January 1st as a time to still be resting and reflecting and gearing up for refreshing changes, but spring is implementation time. I'm not ready for my wardrobe just yet but I have some other things to update. I did the blog, I'm sure you noticed. I love updating the layout, it's one of my favorite tasks, and I do it every year. I have some home things to work on as well though. There's just something about that first day when you can leave all the windows open that makes you want to makeover the whole house! John likes to focus on the big things like washing windows and screens, the deck, the patio furniture, but I'm all about the little details like inside drawers and cabinets. But between the two of us, it'll feel like a new space by the end of the month.

Links I Love:

A guide to sustainable fabrics. Which would definitely be important information to know for curating a minimalist wardrobe!

Low waste dog care. Pets do tend to create a lot of waste, everything from plastic food and treat bags to toys and disposing of actual waste. They're worth it of course, but this article is great for ideas for reducing some of those problems.

Clancy Burke on YouTube. I don't even live in the area where she's a news reporter but I think she's just so fun to listen to that I wish I did, And I hate watching the news! But her channel is really interesting, it's a lot of behind the scenes looks at being an in the field news reporter, plus just general updates on her life. Just a positive, bubbly person to watch.

Is your wardrobe needing a spring cleaning as well? What else will you be tackling this season?

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