Weekly Check In

I come in to these each week like 'oh it's Friday, happy Friday, hooray weekend' but the truth is, I have no idea what day it is until I check the calendar. Now that I don't work, I'm on John's fire schedule - one day on, two days off, off again every 5th working day, repeat forever. But then he switches shifts sometimes and banks extra days off plus gets the 21 paid days off in a row 3 times a year so all in all, there's never a normal week or traditional weekend. It used to make me insane, when I first started staying home, but now I've adapted my routine to it and it's pretty nice.

Next week, Tuesday to be exact, Hawkeye will be TWELVE. 12! Which means we've been together for 11 year. I just don't know where the time goes, and I would be lost without my furry bff. And for her 12th birthday, she got her own stroller. We've been using the one my mom has for her dog since he was staying here since January anyway, but now that he's back at his own house with my mom, she needed one for our longer walks. She absolutely loves being in the buggy.

And I like having the buggy, because we've been going on quite a few walks when John is at the firehouse. It's a nice, quiet time to clear my head because I don't check my phone (I bring it, and a taser, I live in Chicago after all and I'm not an idiot), so it's just me, Hawkeye, and our thoughts. This wind down time has been essential. I was right in thinking that it would be harder on me with my mom back here. It's harder on her too. Everything reminds us of my dad, and it's just so real that he's not here. It's been a rough couple of weeks. I cry less often than I did a few months ago, but when I do, it's much worse in a way. Much more intense.

Which is okay. I've always been terrible at emotion and keep things bottled so I imagine it's healthy to actually cry about things. Though I look forward to the day when not every little damn thing sets me off. In the meantime, I cry, I take long walks, I spend a lot of time with my dog, read a lot of books, write a lot of blog posts. Relaxation and distraction, all combined.

Links I Love:

Plants that are hard to kill. Snake plant for the win, I love mine! His name is Carlisle, he's still going strong. Gardening isn't high on my priorities list. It's not that I can't keep plants alive, or that it's not in my wheelhouse, it's just the simple fact that I spend my energies elsewhere. So Carlisle is the only indoor plant we have, and I appreciate his low maintenance style. Michael has a great post on this too, showing all of her plants!

List of Reese Witherspoon book club books. There's a lot of good books on this list. But even more that I haven't read yet. I generally enjoy her picks so I'm happy to have this list in one spot, along with a quick synopsis to help define the genre. I find a do better with my 'read more books' goal when I have some guidelines in place - otherwise I get overwhelmed and pick nothing.

10 easy steps to begin a more natural lifestyle. This is a really great list for simplifying the steps towards a non-toxic life. Even picking just one thing to concentrate on will improve your life (and the planet's!)

Happy Friday, friends!

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