Friday Talks

Starting this week's chat with a question - any tips on Nashville? We're thinking of scheduling a 5 day trip there near the end of July. Nothing crazy, just a casual getaway. We'd be driving so just wondering where we should stay and what we should see. And if it would be worth it to go right now. Because it does mean I'll need to get vaccinated sometime this coming month, so I need to plan for that too.

Other than thinking about that, we've just been kicking butt on house stuff this week. Construction starts soon and John does all demo work himself so he gutted our entire 2nd floor area. So much drywall and insulation, woof. I've also been getting the garden in order (and let's get real, when I say 'I' I mean my mother) and finally decorating the front porch with a bench and planter. New boxes were listed in my shop this week (, so that took up a good chunk of the beginning of the week, but since then I've also been working on organizing the inside of the house. John decluttered a TON of stuff - he is not the minimalist I am so him decluttering anything is huge and he let go of a few big items! And that means I'm better able to organize and put things away properly. It's very fun for me.

I also spent a good amount of time taking care of feral kittens. One of the feral cats next door had a litter of 4 kittens. They're 5-6 weeks old, according to the vet. Because yes, I caught one and took it to a vet. I honestly thought she was dead, she was laying in the yard totally lethargic. Went to scoop her and could see she had all kinds of gunk on her face and in her eyes so off to the vet we went. Turned out to be an upper respiratory and eye infection, plus very dehydrated. So the vet, who is the president of the board of a cat rescue, fixed her up and sent me home with eye ointment and antibiotics. She was so much better, even just by the time we got home. I returned her to momma and then the next morning went to give her the drugs again and noticed all 4 kittens have the same eye issues. So everyone's getting ointment and antibiotics! Luckily they don't really run from me and if they try to waddle off, they're not very quick. I think they're quite smart, they seem to know that I'm helping them, not hurting.

Luckily the vet said his shelter can come trap them and spay and release the mom. The babies are young enough that they may be able to be adopted as house cats! It would be so nice to get homes for them. Anyone want a kitten?

Links I Love:

Zero waste on a budget. When trying to use less and waste less, it can be very tempting to buy things like glass jars and set a travel utensils and stainless steel straws. But you can certainly see how all that adds up, fast. The solution to wasting less shouldn't be buying more, especially if your finances don't allow it. So try zero waste on a budget and make a big impact without spending anything.

Faux flowers at Michaels. I know fresh flowers are all over the place but I don't like them. I don't like killing something perfectly alive and well so fresh flowers remain in the ground in our garden outside. I also hate the cleanup of flowers in a vase after they die, so faux flowers it is. Not that I buy new ones every season or anything, or have tons of them, but there's just something bright and airy about a light colored flower in a glass vase in our living room. I had some pink ones I inherited from someone and they worked well for awhile but since it's lots of small flowers along the stem, it just seemed too big and busy. Decided to get something more simplistic, and Michaels has a huge array.

Growing wildflowers. Now on the flip side, let's talk flowers outdoors. Does anyone have experience with growing wildflowers? I absolutely love the look of wildflower meadows. Not that I have space to have a whole dang meadow but I do have strips in our yard where it would look so pretty. I just don't know if it it's feasible and will turn out like the vision in my head.

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