May PowerSheets (Goals Check In)

A new month has started and so has a new page of goals for me. Well, goal baby steps, I still have the same main 8 goals for the year in my Powersheets - but there's a 6 month check in coming up and I may change some! But until that happens, here's my check in for how April went and how I'd like to see May go:


April Review

A successful month across the board on my monthly tasks. The only one I didn't do was making the cash envelopes, but I decided early in the month to not do that one and go a different path with financial planning for the summer. And we got a (tentative) construction start date of June 1, but I said that tentative would be good enough to check this goal off, so I did it!

Weeklies also went well, though once again I forgot about Hawkeye's teeth brushing and my steps goal when I was starting out in the month.

Dailies were less of a success. Ate way less homemade food than I planned because I got a bunch of snacks. It was all healthy but still, processed. That was the main struggle. And outdoor walks due to weather but we hit more days than we didn't so I consider that a win.

I have a question mark on a missing week of daily tasks. It's not that I didn't do any of the things on any of the days, I just forgot the importance of keeping my planner out and visible. So I tracked nothing. Lesson learned for sure, I have my May page open and front and center on my coffee table - I can't have my morning coffee without looking at it!

May Tending List and Some Highlights

My main focuses this month are fitness and finances. I made no real progress on health goals in April because it was a rather emotional month and I ate a lot of comfort food. I didn't gain weight (yay) but I didn't lose either, and it needs to become the priority again. So I have goals related to food, water intake, working out, all those important things.

As for finances, it's time to finalize the spending plan for Christmas so we can start getting gifts without going overboard. It's also time for me to get new tires, which obviously isn't a 'no spend year' related goal but I thought that putting it on the list will not only remind me to do it but also to remain vigilant about finances the rest of the month since tires are so expensive. Note: It's now marked off as of this posting because got it done the last day of April!

I also plan to focus on podcast related finances. I want to promote the candles, YouTube, and patreon content more to grow those to steady income streams. But at the same time, I need to balance how much time I spend there, which is why I also have goals relating to sticking to a schedule and time blocks, as well as taking an 'online day off' because it's too easy to be constantly available.

I have other goals in there too, because I don't want to ignore those categories, but they aren't quite as pressing.

How did April go for you? Hitting a similar spring slump on your goals? What do you have planned for May?

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