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Today is a weird day and a landmark time - 6 months since my dad died. We finally ordered a headstone, that was a long time coming. My mom struggled with that so it's nice that it's done. I'm sure more things will come up, but I just have to take them one at a time. Mentally and emotionally, I'm probably still in the same place I was 5 months ago. Maybe processed things a little more since then, but not by much. Still something I'm resistant to.

In other news, my dad's favorite farmer's market opened too, so we took a drive over there to check it out. His favorite because they have kettle corn and pickles! But mom and I stuck to the produce. Not a ton of things available in May in Chicago, but it's an oddly soothing thing to do on a weekend morning. Plus we love getting the stuff fresh with no waste - no stickers or plastic packaging, just straight from a local farm. Do you have any good markets like this in your area? I wish I had one I could walk to so it could truly be an environmentally friendly outing, but they're all too far from my location.

And as you're reading this (well, if you're reading it Friday morning), John is getting his last 3 wisdom teeth pulled. They've been suddenly causing all kinds of issues so he's happy to be going but a little concerned about the aftermath. Lots of pudding and jello in his future, but if you have any other good teeth removal tips, let me know!

Links I Love

Dirty Dozen. If you're going to shop for produce, you should know which are the most heavily laden with pesticides. It's important to buy these organic when you can. Remember - if you're going to eat the outer part, buy organic. If you peel the skin off, conventional is okay.

Sustainable documentaries. I haven't watched all of these but I have watched quite a few. Game Changers and What the Health were really good and I wasn't expecting to like them as much. Cowspiracy is a classic but I can't watch any of them that show how the animals are treated - I've been a vegetarian literally my entire life, my mom made sure I never ate meat (except that one time my aunt gave me a hot dog. But I threw it up anyway.), so I already know how the animals are treated. And of course, Minimalism is right up my alley. But all around a great list for things to watch to learn more!

How to waste less food. This is an ideal place to start when you're trying to be less wasteful. Zero waste seems so daunting so start small with your food waste. It makes a huge impact! Not just on your own finances, but your efforts really do travel up the chain of supply.

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