Week End Check In

Been a relaxing time around here this week. John's got almost 3 weeks off and he spent the first couple days of it getting his wisdom teeth out and recovering from it. Pretty puffy for awhile there but he's pretty much fine now. But it meant a nice week off and a lot of movie watching. I'm glad I'm able to do that, because I get all my blog and podcast related work done during my batch week and then I can do nothing the rest of the month!

I decided to watch the new Roswell on a whim. I thought I didn't like when they re-did old movies and shows I enjoyed but (a) I really like the new Charmed so I give anything a chance now and (b) I never totally loved the original Roswell so why not? It's been enjoyable, not my favorite but you know what is my favorite? The entirely 90s and early 2000s soundtrack!! This show has THE best music, hands down. I guess they picked the theme of sticking with the music that was out during the first show? I'm a big fan.

In fact, the main thing that's pushing me towards getting vaccinated is not the fact that we may be planning a vacation, but instead the fact that the Christmas bar crawl in early December in Wrigleyville (TBOX) is 90s THEMED this year. The only thing that could get me out of this house and into a bar is a 90s themed bar crawl, and damnit they knew it. I feel like I gotta do it. Would you? What would your 90s costume be? Because yes, John, Megan, and I are already planning that, 7 months in advance.

Links I Love:

Eating organic on $50 a week. Prices vary by location of course, but I think you can find a lot of great organic items without spending a mortgage payment on food. This post is very helpful for that, and not just by giving the traditional dirtiest foods list. It has so many more tips for getting the best bang for your buck to craft a truly organic meal plan.

Stocking a natural apothecary. If you haven't started checking out more natural remedies, you should, and this post is a very simple starting point. We used natural remedies for thousands of years and willow bark is still used in aspirin so it's not like I'm talking crazy here. Now, my dad was a pediatrician - I believe in science and medication and doctors. High fevers and broken bones and excessive bleeding call for hospitals, no doubt. But I also know that plants are powerful, and there's no need to use strong antibiotics on things like the common cold, or allergies, or just generally keeping the immune system healthy, when natural plant sources will do the job at a fraction of the price and without all the nasty side effects.

Vegan pots de creme. Pot de creme is like 'grown up' pudding. But it's delicious and I love that vegan versions exist for everything now. Just coconut cream and a vegan chocolate bar, how easy is that?

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