July Powersheets (Goal Check In)

Halfway through 2021! As always, first a look back at last month's tending list.

June Review

June was not a good month for me. Main reason being that I got super sick. I thought it was food poisoning but it ended up lasting a week so it must have been some sort of stomach bug. I'm still dealing with the after effects, actually - my diet is super limited and my body is still a little weak. Not fun! So there was a week of just no tracking daily items whatsoever (not that I even did all of them). We also didn't start construction, cancelled vacation, and I didn't make it to the cemetery for Father's Day because I was so sick. And of course treadmill was a no go. Not a successful month, though I did spend a lot of time with my mom, and I lost 9 lbs being sick so won diet bet with flying colors! Glad to be starting a new month with updated goals, I think the refresh will be good for me.

July Tending List

Some Highlights:

This is the first month with my new set of goals. Mostly the same but I did edit them a bit, as I posted about last week.

For Quality Family Time, we'll be celebrating John's birthday this month. I also want to go to the farmer's market each weekend with my mom and otherwise spend time with her, and try for daily walks with Hawkeye (weather permitting). For Maintain New Budget, I have a savings goal to hit for the month and I want to map out some of the bigger purchases I have planned for the second half of this year. Not much on the Finish Construction and Decor goal, because permits just had to be re-submitted (don't even ask) and now it's a waiting game all over again. So nothing on this front other than check the permit status online each week and declutter one space each week. For Master All Ideal Routines, I decided to go with the Routinery app. It does cost money and I think long and hard before spending money on an app, but I've tested it and tried so many other free versions and this one is the winner by a long shot for me. So I'm going to commit, download, and get it all set up with every single routine. And then just pick one to follow daily; I do all of them, but I can only focus on one for powersheets purposes at a time.

My 5th goal is a new one, which is the Complete Wardrobe Update, but not until hitting goal weight. In the meantime, I'll just start the planning process on Pinterest this month. The goal to Lose 50 Pounds continues, so I'll be starting the Couch to 5k program, setting new intentions with Megan, tracking calories, attempting to load my calories earlier in the day (I want to see if this improves my sleep too), stick with my gallon of water (I'm actually good at this), and hope all that leads to a 2 lb a week loss. For Master Blue Zone Living, I have tribe plans set up (hanging out with friends), and I'll otherwise be mastering the rules I know I'm good at - daily downshift, plant based meal planning, and stopping eating when 80% full. Just want a month of follow through on those to be able to check them off as mastered. And the final goal is Increase Podcast Profits, so I'll be listing and hopefully selling out of the next holiday box. I also need to clear my current inventory by running sales and giveaways, before construction starts, and I really need to get back to batching content so I don't feel behind.

What do you have planned in July? Anything fun and adventurous on your goals list?

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