June Powersheets (Goal Check In)

June goals

Heading into the 6th month of the year, and at the end of June we'll be half way through 2021. I definitely kept this in mind as I made my June goals. I know there's a mid-year reflection in the power sheets after this month, so I can reset and make an adjustments going forward. So when I sat down to make this list, I really thought about what I wanted and needed to get done to be in a solid position with all my goals to make decisions about the second half of the year. To hit some milestones and checkpoints, so to speak. But first, May review

May Review

Some of the monthly goals I checked off right away, like getting new tires, celebrating Mother's Day, and doing the graveyard visit (we ordered the headstone finally, it was a whole day of visiting graveyards. A much more mentally taxing goal than it appears on paper.) Others took a little longer, like crafting my purpose statement and researching the whole tribe vs. community thing, but eventually they got done!

Weeklies went well, but I didn't plan anything too taxing in that area anyway. I still had to make an effort at them, but it wasn't hard to fit them into my week. I did not, however, manage to update my spending tracker. May totally got away from me and I spent way too much and tracked none of it. Going to take me a bit to sort through the info and get that updated.

As for the daily goals, I did fantastic this month at both water and vitamin D, I was pretty proud of myself for my consistency on that front. I hit more days than I checked off, I just forgot to mark a couple and couldn't remember for sure when I went back to it. And the treadmill! Not bad either. It's interesting how often failing at one of those correlated with failing all of them though. Apparently when I don't do one healthy habit, it has a trickle down effect on all of them. The others went decently - we got a lot of house things done (construction starting, we had to), and daily blocks on my week days went better in the second half of the month once I finally really solidified those times and put them into my google calendar.

June Goals

Some Highlights:

Construction is set to begin so that influences some of my goals. Not just get it started, but also trying to remember the fact that I won't have constant access to the kitchen or treadmill. I really need to plan ahead on those fronts! So that's why they're weekly goals and not daily.

I have a lot of 'planning' on this list. I think that's due to it almost being mid-year. I want to revamp my goals and really plan out what I want to do in the next six months. And of course July brings John's birthday and our potential Nashville vacation, so I need to plan those things too.

Wish me luck on those dailies, it's tougher than it looks! No sugar, no spending money, following my intermittent fasting plan, setting phone reminders to move around more often when I'm doing computer work... it's a lot of little things but little things add up!

Did you set any goals for June? What do you have planned for this month?

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