Thoughts This Week

Did everyone have a nice long weekend? Ours was uneventful. And because of our schedules, 'long weekends' don't really exist. Or every weekend is a long weekend, depending how you look at it. So our week progressed as normal! And we didn't do any sort of Memorial Day celebrating - just walked around the park with Hawkeye, feeding the ducks and geese. Oh, and decorated the front porch, finally.

But the rest of the week, since the last Friday post, did see a lot getting done. I got my standard bloodwork done, the dogs went to the groomer, we finished the upstairs demo so were able to get the mold guy in to make sure we're all good on that front, plus knocked out a bunch of projects at my mom's house. She finally got rid of all her old tax documents, of which she had everything ... since 1997. I also wrapped 7 Christmas gifts because I like to be done with Christmas 6 months early, and I make no apologies for it. 

I need more gift ideas though. John is so tough to shop for because he likes having lots of things to open on Christmas morning (like a total child) but everything he wants is super expensive. Any thoughts on little, inexpensive gifts for someone like that? I also never know what to give his mom, she's difficult. Everyone else gives me a wish list! What have you given your mother in law in the past that she loved? I need all the tips!

Links I Love:

Road trip apps. We don't fly, so if we end up going to Nashville next month, it'll be a 7.5 hour drive. Not a super long road trip or anything but enough that I will appreciate having these apps! Particularly the bathroom locator one.

Reasons to paint your bedroom grey. We're going with dark grey walls when the master bedroom upstairs is ready to be painted. Like, almost black. So I'm enjoying look at all the paint inspiration online. Although I already know which color - there's one called Raccoon Fur. I have no choice! Am I the only one that picks based on name? I mean, dark grey is dark grey to me. You can swatch 10 choices on the wall and they all look relatively the same to me. So why not pick the best name? I had it narrowed down to Raccoon Fur, Witching Hour, and Zombie, but raccoons are my personal power animals so I have to.

Southwest quinoa salad. Black olives are gross but otherwise I've been making this and it's not only vegan but also delicious and full of protein. Plus super easy, which I like. If you need some meatless lunch ideas, I highly recommend this. Even meat eaters enjoy it!

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