Week End Chats

I'm thinking about taking a little blog vacation in July. I say that as I already have a post scheduled for the first Tuesday in the month but I mean after that. So strange to think about how I used to blog 3-5 days a week! The past couple of months have been two each week, and I'm just generally thinking about taking a little summer break. Nothing particularly important going on during the month, but there's just something about scheduling a summer vacation that feels nice. Maybe two weeks off or so.

At the moment, everything just feels like moving through sand. My uncle Carmie died on Wednesday, the same way as my dad. It was hard, I'm sad. And I'm really tired of death and funerals. The emotional exhaustion is making every other life task seem 10 times more difficult. I'm not behind on anything per se (hiring a cleaning service for the win), but it feels like it. Maybe taking things off my plate will help me check off a few important things and get back on track.

In other news, we decided not to go to Nashville. Mainly because of John's work schedule. He works construction as his side job and he got a spot close to home and the boss is very laid back about what times John can make it or not, depending on his fire house days. It's steady until September (it's at a high school) so he wants to make the money while he can. And he hates leaving projects unfinished, so he probably wouldn't relax much on a weekend away if he's still thinking about the work back home.

But we will be celebrating his birthday (July 5), and doing a bar crawl around the neighborhood on a random week day he can take off. My second vaccine is Tuesday, so by mid month I can go to whatever bars we want. Which we have not done since we went on a St Patrick's Day bar crawl with Betsy and Kevin in March 2020. I think it'll feel really strange to spend intentional time indoors somewhere. Other than the grocery store, I haven't done that in a year and a half.

Links I Love:

How to cut a watermelon. What can I say? Must know information.

Strawberry cobbler bars. John loves these things. I think they're pretty good, but strawberry in general is not my favorite. Maybe if I did a raspberry version it would be better for me, but John says the strawberry is perfect.

10 ways to bring more calm into your home. I am all for more calm in my home, I think the effect it has on my mental clarity is amazing. These are all super simple ways to bring more calm to your own life.

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