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Holy heat, batman. This is not my weather. Or Hawkeye's, we've been total indoor girls all week. It's been in the 80s, and I know those of you in the south are very confused by my whining but I'm a northern girl. I like snow and polar vortexes. It's a good thing I'm not Christian and don't believe in hell, because (a) I'd definitely be going there and (b) the fire would just not agree with me! What's your weather, summer or winter? If you have to pick one extreme end. We're opposites in this house - I want to retire in Ketchikan, Alaska and John wants Las Vegas.

But I guess it's been a good week for indoor downtime. I mean, I did a little more outdoor garden work with my mom, but other than that I've been doing work on my laptop, blog and podcast stuff. Oh and got my first dose of the vaccine, which I almost forgot about because I was fine, 0 side effects. I've heard 2nd is worse so I'll report back at the end of the month. This is completely unsubstantiated data but the people I know who haven't had side effects are those who drink... fairly regularly. Score one for my alcohol kills germs theory, and thanks Svedka infusions for the nice, sugar-free cocktails I had this week.

I am running out of shows to watch though. I'm a pretty good multi-tasker, in that I can have something on as background noise while I write blog posts and make podcast outlines (Dead to Me is on at the moment), but I've run through everything that was on my watch list. So what next? Let me know your recommendations. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. I do prefer TV shows but I'm open to movies too.

Links I Love:

Things to do when you're bored at night. This is a fun list of things that will limit screen time at night. It's not a totally screen-free list, since it does recommend watchings 90s movies, but there really are so many great ideas on this page.

Kitchen organization inspiration. Over the weekend I did the whole empty and deep clean the fridge thing, and reorganized it with pretty containers. I cannot wait to make similar progress on the rest of the kitchen. But since the construction on the staircase and 2nd floor will mess with the kitchen layout, there's really nothing I can do until it's all done. But then, then I will make it masterful.
Cruelty-free brand updates. This website updates constantly and are very, very thorough in determining a brand's cruelty-free status. I mean, it's 2021, and Legally Blonde 2 came out EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO on this very topic so why any company ever tests on animals is beyond me but they do and you can stop it by voting with your dollars. Don't buy products tested on animals, there's no point - you'll find something you love way more from one of the hundreds of companies on this website.

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