7 Things I Love (and Haven't Mentioned)

I've shared a lot of favorites over the years, especially in my old Three on Thursdays posts. I haven't been doing those, but that doesn't mean I'm not constantly using and finding new things that I love. I don't want to go back to a weekly list, but I still want to share some favorite a couple times a year. So this post is full of all new ones that I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned.

French Press. We still have the Keurig and reusable k-cup and I still enjoy it on occasion, especially when company is over. But I switched my daily coffee to the French press that John got me for Christmas. The Keuring does just one at a time, and I have 2 cups a day, which is exactly what this little press makes for my giant mugs. It takes longer of course, since I heat the water in a kettle and then wait about 5 minutes for the coffee grounds to steep, but I enjoy this part. It's a relaxing way to start my morning because it forces me to slow down.

Death Wish Coffee. Of course I got it just for the name. Is it the world's strongest coffee, like they claim? I have no idea. But is it absolutely delicious? Hell yes.

Spices. I've already mentioned the How Not to Die cookbook that I absolutely love, and since this is a list of things I haven't mentioned before, I'm instead going with something I learned to love with the help of said cookbook, which is a wide variety of spices. The cookbook uses absolutely no salt, which is better for your health, so spices are used instead to bring out and add flavor. A couple days of eating this way and you don't even want salt, it ends up tasting like ocean water. Spice convert for life. Some of my favorites? Turmeric, smoked paprika, tandoori, salsa and pico, and green goddess (the last two are Penzey's exclusive as far as I know.) But there's so many more to choose from, highly recommend.

Remote Control Outlets. John's mom actually got this for us, I didn't know they existed. We have SO MANY things to plug it when it comes to Halloween. So many animatronics. And they require us to go outside to turn them on and off with a surge protector, as do Christmas lights, because we don't have a switch that operates the outdoor outlets. With these, you just plug in to your existing outlet and then plug the lights/animatronics into that. And then the remote will switch it on and off! And it works through the window so I can turn on all our stuff from the comfort of my couch. So much better than going outside and unplugging the orange fence lights every single night in October.

FitTrack Scale. I have a love hate relationship with this thing, but that's just because it's so damn full of information and sometimes I don't want it! John impulse bought this when he was drunk but I'm glad he did. You stand on it with bare feet and it measures so much more than just weight - fat percentage, bone density, water mass, and more. It's amazing. I think it's pretty helpful information because I know where I stand on consuming water and working out to build my muscle mass.

Shower Filter. Chicago has really hard water and that's rough on your hair. But installing a full water softening unit for the whole house? Insanely expensive. So filtered shower head it is. And I noticed an immediate difference, as in, the very first use. In fact, I thought my hair was still dirty because it felt kind of oily still once it was dried and I normally have pretty dry, damaged hair since I highlight it. As it turns out, it was too much conditioner. With the soft water, I simply didn't need all the conditioner I used to have to use. Without all the gross hard water deposits, my hair is naturally so much softer, which means I don't need tons of products anymore. And that brings me to:

Dyson Airwrap. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to dry my hair. It's faster, causes less damage, I need less product (as in, none!), and I wash my hair so much less often. I have long, thick hair, which would take ... I don't even know how long to dry from wet because I never did it. It wasn't worth it, I would wait until the next morning and then dry it. Yes, if I air dry my hair it's still wet 12 hours later. Anyway. But yes, it's so expensive. I hesitate to mention super outrageously priced items like that but you can make your own choices on how you spend your money. My mom got it for me for my birthday/Christmas/feel better present for both of us since my birthday was 2 days after we buried my dad.

That's everything I have to share for this round! Have you tried (and loved) anything on this list?

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