Friday Thoughts

That is definitely what my life has felt like this week - cats, cats, and more cats. The height of kitten season means we've been trapping, spaying/neutering, and releasing feral cats like crazy, all while placing any kittens for adoption. It's MUCH harder than it sounds. We have one more female to grab, she's scheduled for next Wednesday, and I think I can get her before then. That will be all moms and kittens done. Then there's two, possibly 3, tom cats we need to get fixed too, but they're notoriously harder to catch. But don't think I won't try - blaming and placing all responsibility on the females sounds too much like what's wrong with this whole country, and by god if the girls are getting fixed, so are the boys - the real source of all of life's problems. #truthhurts

Other than that, no news this week. I got my second vaccine on Tuesday and had zero side effects. Well, a little more tired than usual on Wednesday but there were a few factors contributing to that (fireworks season wreaks havoc in this house, my dog goes insane, and Chicago is full of shit heads who light stuff off at 2 am.) I kept texting Steph with updates since her side effects hit her at the 26 hour mark and I was worried mine would be delayed but I made it through! Again, I'm attributing it to my vodka cocktails because the only people I know who didn't get side effects were me and John's dad and we're the regular happy hour folks.

And speaking of happy hour, John and I are off to Betsy and Kevin's house in a short while. The boys are playing Kevin's new video game system while Betsy and I do what we do best - declutter, organize, and work on blog things. She's planning a whole new name and relaunch so that's on the agenda. And possibly geocaching, which I've never done but is on her 101 in 1001 list and I can appreciate the exercise. It still feels strange to be making plans with people, but a good strange. And check one off the list for hanging out with my tribe in July.

Links I Love:

This video from Shelbi. The idea of looking at the entire life cycle of an item in terms of waste, and not just its end of life recycle-ability, is a fascinating and important idea. Flexible packaging really could be the best option in a lot of scenarios and this helps explain why. And puts the onus of climate change where it should be - on corporations.

This guide to plant based protein. Not only does it have a handy graphic of plant based protein sources, but the article also dispels so many myths that surround the idea of vegetarians and vegans not getting enough protein. Myths that drive me bonkers, so I'm so glad this post exists.

Skincare and makeup to try. I like seeing what other people use, it gives me new ideas of things to check out. If I don't already have a favorite in a category, because I stick with what I love. Co-signed on this for all things Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, and Lanolips, but there are some fun others that look interesting to me.

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