Weekly Check In

I skipped last week's check in, so it's nice to be back today. Honestly, last week felt off because of the holiday, so I didn't really even realize it was Friday. The weekend of the 4th wasn't too bad, actually. I took Hawkeye to my mom's house and it was much better about fireworks over there. I think she only noticed one of them, so she didn't panic all night. We all slept great! Not so much for John - the 5th is his birthday so he stayed at our house and drank with his brother until 3 am, and they both hurt for 2 days after.

Other than that, it was an uneventful week until Friday, when John and I went out to dinner with my mom for his birthday. You wouldn't think a dinner at a restaurant would be worthy of being called 'eventful', but that's the world we live in. Because I have not eaten at a restaurant since March 14th, 2020. Technically, we ate outside on the patio because I'm still not comfortable with indoor dining. But it was progress! Dinner! Outside the house! I didn't have to do dishes or recycle takeout boxes! It felt very very weird, but nice.

Not much this week - John was at the firehouse a bunch of days, and when he does that, I take the opportunity to batch content. I just work on the podcast, getting all kinds of things recorded and scheduled and written. And the blog a bit too. It ends up being one or two long days of work but then I don't need to do anything for a month. I like it. But I did go shopping at the outlet mall up in Wisconsin with my mom. Another thing I cannot remember the last time I did. 2019? Normally I'm not much of a shopper anyway, but I got down to almost no clothes! I haven't been replacing things as I lost weight and my mom commented last week that my dresses really look like I'm wearing mommy's clothes. I wanted to hold off on shopping until I reach my weight loss goals, but it just couldn't wait that long. I did a closet try on (my second of the year), and got rid of a bunch of too big stuff to a friend and was left with 2 summer dresses and a long sleeve black dress. Literally that's it. I only wear dresses, so that was my entire wardrobe. I still had pjs and workout items that fit, but for actual daily clothing? I had to get a few, on sale, holdover pieces in this in between size. We did have some luck and I got a couple things but honestly, I won't be sad when they leave my closet either because it'll mean that I hit my goal. 

Links I Love:

Simple tips for a healthier life. Don't you hate when you check out a list that claims to be simple and it's anything but? Healthy living is hard enough as it is in America, the country is not designed for it. So I appreciate articles like this - they really are simple, little things that will make a difference in your life. I don't do everything on this list, but I manage quite a few and I swear by them. Maybe I'll adopt something else too!

Rory Gilmore reading challenge. It has EVERY single book Rory read throughout the series. I want to do this! I always mean to put it on a 101 list but it always slips my mind. But I'm definitely going to make a list of my top books I'd like to read from Rory's history and start checking them out at the library.

Zucchini Lentil Fritters. I didn't do too bad at my first attempt at these! They really are delicious, and surprisingly easy. My only mistake was not soaking the lentils long enough, they needed more than 2 hours. But I know for next time. I didn't make the sauce (no sugar year and all), but I didn't need it. I also just used a bit of avocado oil for the 'fry' part, rather than ghee. Highly recommend.

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