75 Hard Challenge

Have you heard of the 75 Hard challenge? I have been wanting to do this particular challenge for awhile but I kept having reasons not to. But there's always going to be a reason not to and even if I fail, I'll have done more than if I didn't attempt it at all.

Essentially, it's a mental toughness challenge. There's health and weight loss involved, but that's not the main goal. The goal is to stick to something hard for 75 days in a row, to prove to yourself you can do it. In case you haven't heard of it, I'll fill you in on the basics and on how I'm planning to tackle it.

Here's the overview of the 75 Hard rules:
  • Take a daily progress photo
  • Follow a diet
  • Two 45 minute workouts everyday, one of which must be outside
  • Drink one gallon of water
  • No alcohol
  • No cheat meals
  • Read 10 pages of nonfiction 
All of those must be accomplished every day, for 75 days in a row. If you miss any one of those, you start back at day 1. For more details, check out the challenge creator, Andy Frisella.

And here's what that means in depth, and for me:
  • Take a daily progress photo: I downloaded the app for a couple bucks so I have somewhere to track all this easily, and it stores the photos for you. I propped up a full length cheap mirror I have, and it's pretty simple to take a picture every day before I start workout one.
  • Follow a diet: there are no rules about what kind of diet, you can pick absolutely anything. It's just meant to make you mindful of your eating for an extended time and prove to yourself you can stick with something. So I'm just continuing on eating plant-based, whole foods, and no sugar, which I've been doing but not super strictly.
  • Two 45 minute workouts: again, there's no rules about what kind of workout it has to be, or how intense. Just that you commit 45 minutes two times a day. One must be outside and I have to say, that's probably the rule I won't stick with but also won't beat myself up over. I really hate when it's hot so if I have to do it inside instead, I'm okay with it. I have a dog and a treadmill, so it's not like just walking for 90 minutes a day is totally outside the realm of possibility. I think Hawkeye would enjoy a few long walks! I'm also doing the couch to 5k so that will factor in to my daily treadmill workout. And I'd like to try yoga because my posture sucks and I need to do something about it.
  • Drink one gallon of water: I honestly already do this most days because all I ever drink is iced black coffee and water.
  • No alcohol: ahhh this tricky little bugger. No booze. I can do it most days but I am thinking ahead to September when John's cousin is getting married. Never been to a wedding without drinking, but I'm tons of fun without booze and I'm not the type to need a cocktail to get out on the dance floor so I think I can stick it out. I genuinely enjoy vodka though so I'm a little sad but it's worth it!
  • No cheat meals: have to stick to whatever diet I plan, no cheating. Which I admit, I do schedule in whenever I'm on a healthy eating kick. Even with my year of no sugar, I've planned in one sugary treat each month. So 0 cheat meals for the entire 75 days will be an interesting feat for me.
  • Read 10 pages of nonfiction: I don't read every day. I want to, but I don't. I read, of course, but I knock out entire books in 2 days and then don't pick one up again for a week. Setting a 10 page minimum per day will be good for me, make me set aside time every day to relax with a read. Most of what I read is nonfiction, so that part will be easy. It's supposed to be 'self help' but I'm not tying myself to just self help. 
I started on Saturday, July 31st which means my 75 days will go through mid October. If I stay on track, that is. Have you ever done this particular challenge?

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