August Powersheets (Goal Check In)

I'm back (after a little two week break from blogging) with my monthly goal check in. To plan for my August goals in my Cultivate What Matters Powersheets goal planner - that's right, 5 months left in 2021. Given the events of 2020, including my dad's death, I expected this year to absolutely drag. It's been the opposite. There's been a few days that have felt 120 hours long, to be sure, but the months are passing quickly. But 5 months is still a ton of time to make progress on my top 8 goals of the year.

august goals

July Review

Of course, let's check in with July first to see how things are progressing:

Quality family time has been going well. My mom never misses an opportunity to see me - it's a good thing she's only 3 miles away because it's been almost daily. We also celebrated John's birthday and went on a lot of walks with Hawkeye. Some days it was just too hot to bear for any of us, but we got out a lot more than if I hadn't made it a goal at all. Finances is meh, I didn't think about it much. Not quite to my savings goal for the month because a few unexpected expenses came up (paying all the utility bills a month early, basically - I had to switch to a new bank account so I paid all the bills tied to my old one so then next month the system will be caught up with my new checking account number.) And I only planned out about half my approved purchases for the rest of the year, didn't think past Halloween.

Still no permit so not a lot of progress on the 'start and finishing construction' goal. I did get some decluttering done - my closet, the upstairs bathroom, and the sun room. Few more spaces to go, but I work on it slowly. Routines are going fine. I downloaded the Routinery app and set everything up. Spent the month just following one routine (morning routine), which I have down pat now. I also started planning my wardrobe on Pinterest for my complete wardrobe update goal.

Weight loss goal was steady this month, not a lot of progress. I did manage to make new plans with Megan and start the couch to 5k (did exactly 1 day of it but whatever, I started!) I lost 2 lbs on 2 different weeks, so 4 down overall for the month. Water, eating earlier in the day, and tracking helped with that, but I wasn't perfect at any of them. Blue Zone living went decently though, I following the plant based diet, the 80% full rule, and the daily downshift. I didn't get my 'tribe' visits in, I only hung out with Betsy, but I have it scheduled in the calendar to hang out with Megan and Bill in August and I even get to see my junior high/high school bff who lives on the east coast, she'll be coming in for a weekend. Oh and podcast goals went great: I cleared inventory through sales every week, listed the boxes for the month and almost sold out of them, and got all the content planned through September and it's almost all done (it will be done after this weekend.) Huge progress.

August Goals

Here's what I have planned for August:

My first goal is quality family time. And for John and me, that means decorating for Halloween! We start on August 1st every year and it's something we love doing. So yes, as you're reading this, we already started. We have more to do, and then the outdoor stuff gets put out on October 1. I also made it a goal to walk to a new park, because we always walk the same path. I think Hawkeye would like visiting somewhere new.

Next up, maintaining the new budget that I set for the second half of the year. I don't have much on this, just checking in with spending each week.

Third goal is home related - to finish the construction and decor. We're still in a holding pattern over starting the construction, which is bonkers. So I'll just keep checking on the permit every week, and finish out the declutter of the main level (my house is minimal, this won't take much time.)

The next yearly goal is to master all of my ideal routines. I want to set and then edit as needed my exercise routine, to see what I need to do for 75 Hard (see below). I also need to streamline my meal prep and podcast routines, I tend to do things too last minute.

5th is my complete wardrobe update. I went shopping in July with my mom to get some holdover dresses since nothing even remotely fit anymore, but it wasn't 'complete wardrobe update' level. So I have a ways to go, and 2 dresses that fit for cooler weather (I only wear dresses). So the only wardrobe thing this month is to add to my new wardrobe fund!

Lose 50 lbs has steadily been progressing all year. I recently decided to do no sugar for a year and it's amazing how much stuff sugar is in! I'm still not confident in managing it without constantly checking ingredients, and having it as a daily goal on this list will help me remember to do so, so no sneaky sugar gets in there. We have John's cousin's wedding in September and most of his extended family hasn't seen me since his brother's wedding in May 2019, or Halloween of 2019, so I'd like to hit my weight loss goal by then! I don't know if I'm close enough but I could at least hit 40 or 45 lbs lost this year, which is why my focus this month is on this goal. In addition to no sugar (which is health more than weight - sugar gives me intense migraines), I started the 75 Hard challenge on Sunday. More to come on that next week, but it's essentially a diet and workout challenge.

Next is to master blue zone living. I'm basing this on my progress on the Power 9. I've pretty well mastered the plant based diet (cheese sneaks in sometimes but it's not daily so I'm okay with that), purpose, putting loved ones first, finding the right tribe, and the daily downshift. I'm decent at the 80% full rule. And I still need work on moving more, naturally, the 'wine at 5' (I hate wine, but it's more about the mental break and friendship anyway, so I need an alternative. But there's one brand I want to try this month, just to test.), and belong to a community. Because they mean it as religious community and this girl and church/organized religion do not get along. They say the research shows that attending faith based services weekly can add 4-14 years to your life expectancy but I'd honestly rather live 4-14 years less than go to church. But maybe my podcast listeners who then join over on patreon and discord are my spiritual community instead? I'm going to think about that and grow that area.

And finally, increasing podcast profits. I think in Q3 it'll be the same as Q2, and then possibly bumped up in Q4. We'll just have to see. But as far as goals for the month, I want to finish planning out the content for the year, spend a little time each week adding content ideas to the list for next year, and to monetize YouTube - you need 4,000 public watch hours and I'm at 3,990. Then I have them review it and it takes 30 days and then finally the videos can play an ad. And I will make approximately $5 a month off it but that's fine, at least it covers some costs.

So that's what's on my agenda - what's on yours?

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