Checking Back In

"Stephanie, why would you choose a Halloween photo to sum up the first week in August?" Well because that is what I do - start setting up my indoor Halloween decor on August 1! I'd leave it up all year round but I do like to do some Christmas things so that's out. So I'd start even earlier but John put the limit at August 1st. I mark it on the calendar every year and start dragging the storage boxes upstairs the week before. Sneak a few things out here and there the last week of July. And then August 1, bam, Halloween explosion. At least in the living room, dining room, treadmill room, and two bathrooms. I love it so much. I'm not allowed to put the outdoor decor out until October 1 but that's okay, because it takes me half of August just to finish inside. Then I sit back and enjoy it for a couple weeks before tackling the outside. It's a process, I tell you. So that's been my week. All the decor.

Without too much else to distract me. A few errands here and there - had to change my checking account so that was a mess, changing all my automatic billings for our utilities. And spend half a day helping a friend to and from a medical procedure. But a relatively uneventful week. I kept this first week pretty open because I thought the rest of the month was going to be busy but as it turns out, it won't! Chicago is a mess all over again with covid (don't even get me started on Lolla) and a couple of the things we had planned were cancelled, postponed, or we decided to opt out because it just didn't seem like a safe idea any more. So it's looking like it'll be a second summer of no street fests, which is so strange for me. I'm still going to see the friends that I was planning on going with, but in much more casual, one-on-one settings. What a world.

Links I Love

Habits to improve your life. I really like this list, I think it's incredibly detailed in all the different areas where you could adopt new habits. Not that you need to do all of these things, but I know I enjoy looking up inspiration when I'm goal setting or generally feeling like some part of life could use improvement. These habits are all very straightforward, but will have a big impact.

Why we buy what we buy. This is a long interview but it's so interesting, all about the stuff we buy and why we buy it, as studied by a sociologist. We didn't have this shopping problem and overabundance of stuff and space, it really is a modern problem. But how did we get here?

This just made me laugh. I'm a total Winter Olympics girl, curling for life, but I'm big on anything on the ice slide of death too.

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