September PowerSheets (Goal Check In)

It's that time again, monthly goals! I'm excited to be heading towards my favorite holiday (Halloween) and then my favorite time of year (winter), so September marks renewed motivation for me. Maybe it's still the back to school motivation? I haven't been 'back to school' since the fall of 2009, but I think that mentally sticks with you. It was my life from ages 4 to 25, so it doesn't leave you quickly, that's for sure. Regardless, I have some solid plans for the upcoming month.

August Review

First, here's a look back at August:

Overall, not a bad month. I crushed the 'quality family time' (hot pink) goals, and the 'lose 50 lbs' (green) goals. And most of my podcast goals (light purple) - YouTube approved monetization right away! It's actually about $40 a month rather than the $5 I thought it would be when starting out, so that was a nice surprise. Blue zone living goals went well too (blue), because I made sure to get a ton of movement in every day, and I worked at establishing a better online community related to the podcast. I did not try the wine, I wanted to stick to 75 Hard (which is no alcohol) and it just wasn't worth it to get a bottle to try a sip. I'm 98% sure it won't be for me, because I've never liked a red wine. I'm going to stick to finding an alternative.

Permit check in ended after week 2 because they denied it until we get an updated survey, so that's on next month's goals (below). But I did finish the main level declutter. There's always going to be things to move move, but it's in a solid place now where I know every single item, use it, and it has a home. Did not do the spending check ins like I wanted to, but I just sort of know what I was spending on and it wasn't anything extreme or unnecessary, so I never felt like I need to write it all down for review. I added to my wardrobe fund though, so it's not like I totally ignored my finances. I planned some aspects, just not all of them.

And the routines goal landed somewhere in the middle, because I did great when I remembered them but had plenty of days where I totally forgot to check in. It doesn't mean I didn't do them at all those days, but I wasn't mindful and definitely never checked in with the planner about them. Still, progress is progress, and overall I got a lot done this month.

September Goals

And here's what's planned for September:

I didn't plan out a task on every line this month, I'm taking it easy. September 5th is my dad's birthday and I feel like that's going to make it a hard month. Visiting the cemetery for that with my mom is the first my 'quality family time' goal. We also have a wedding to attend, and John and I are going to Fright Fest at Six Flags for first responders' day. And daily walks with Hawkeye of course.

The second goal is maintaining the new budget I set and the only thing planned is setting and sticking to a budget for Halloween, the holiday I always go overboard for. There's also only one goal for 'finish construction and decor', which is to get a new survey done. Long story short, that's the last thing we're doing this year, getting the updated survey so the permit can be issued, and then we told them we're not doing construction in the winter so they can pick a spring start date. It's the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with. Anyway. Also only one goal related to the 'complete wardrobe update', which is to find two new pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe. I only have two long sleeve dresses that fit! And I only wear dresses so I need to find at least two more before it gets super cold.

I'm making good progress on 'mastering all routines' so this month I'm setting ideal day as a daily task - meaning that I will follow every routine, every single day, which will help me see how realistic it is all put together. I'll also hyper focus on one routine each week to see if anything needs to be edited. Nice to be approaching the end of this goal!

Still moving along with 'lose 50 lbs.' The scale has finally been moving again! I was hoping to hit the 50 lbs down by John's cousin's wedding in mid September but I'd have to resort to really unhealthy nonsense to make that happen and that is never worth it. Nor is it sustainable, and I don't want those pounds to just come back by the next weekend! But I am 40 lbs down so far this year and that's pretty damn close, I'm still proud of that. So goals for the month are to finish out my DietBet, it's the last month and then I get my money for winning! I also want to progress to at least the next level (like bumping up in difficulty by one week) in the couch to 5k program and hope that helps me lose 1 pound a week this month. I'm continuing my 75 Hard challenge and honestly that's enough daily things to keep track of, which is why the daily goals list is short. I'll also check in daily on WW, because that helps me track my food and portions a bit better, which isn't something the 75 Hard app offers.

I'm also approaching the end of the 'master blue zone living' goal, because I feel like I've been doing great at all the Power 9 guidelines they outline. So this month, I'm going to re-take the three tests they offer on the website to see where I am and make sure my scores increased since this beginning of this year, and I'm going to hyper focus on two of the guidelines each week to make sure I've really mastered them and incorporated them fully into my life.

And lastly is 'increase podcast profits', and a new box gets listed this month so I just want to make a sale every week, which means promoting and selling candles at the end of the month. I'll also focus on having at least one content batching day a week, so I can get all the fall and winter content done and not have to worry about it during my busiest months of the year.

You may notice at the end of the monthly section I have 'update goals for Q4'. The PowerSheets planner has a goal refresh section every 3 months, so those pages are right when September ends. I feel really close on a lot of goals so I definitely need to spend some time with these pages and see what I've accomplished for this year and what I want to do for the last quarter to finish the year out strong. 

And that's what I have planned for my month! What's coming for you in September?

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