A Friday Update

It's been a couple of weeks since I checked in, but I only like to do this Friday update posts when I have things to say. And this week has been full of things to say but no way to phrase them. It's been hard but also positive, which is a strange feeling. Sunday was my dad's birthday. The first I've never spent with him. And that's really, really hard. All the firsts are hard - first Christmas without him, first Father's Day, first birthday. To think it's almost November and one year without him, doesn't seem real. But at the same time, it wasn't the most awful day like the others have been. My mom and I went to the cemetery but then we went to dinner and had drinks and told stories and laughed about how he was probably counting how many martinis we had, like he always did. It was the first time we really got to laugh and celebrate his life. Tears were involved. But less tears than the last time. Every time it's a little less tears. But it's still so difficult and I'm not sure it ever won't be.

I've been otherwise keeping busy and spending time with friends, and John of course. Enjoying the cool down into fall weather, decorating even more for Halloween, and switching all my viewing over to spooky themed movies and TV shows. We're in full Halloween mode over here. I've also been working on blog things and podcast things (mostly podcast), including looking forward into 2022 and setting goals. I know there's still almost 4 months left of 2021, but I'm a planner at heart.

Oh and Betsy has returned to her blog! With a new name and look, go check it out.

Links I Love:

This blog post on grief and simplicity. Nothing puts life into perspective like the death of a loved one, and I really enjoyed this post on how it can help you simplify your life.

Chickpea yellow curry. Yes, sign me up for all the hearty vegan dishes in the fall.

Foods for collagen. Are you so over collagen powders and supplements? Me too man. I like my collagen powder, I do, but come on - can't we get this stuff naturally? Like I do with B-12, even though everyone likes to claim vegans are low in B-12? Turns out yes, yes you can. Diet heals all.

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