Making Your Life More Enjoyable

Today, we're talking simple ways to make your life more enjoyable. I love talking about organizing and goal setting and planning, but what's the point of any of it if you're not enjoying your life? At least most of the time. So I have a couple simple strategies to share to make things more interesting and fun. I think we're all familiar with the big fun - birthdays, dinner dates, vacations - but those are not the things that make up our hours and days. We can't spend all our time looking forward to those big fun events and ignoring the present, and how easy it can be to make the everyday a little more joyful.

Create more variety in your habits. Some people crave routine and thrive when their habits are the same every day (I'm one of those people!) And some think it feels like Groundhog's Day, where they do the same things over and over to the point where they don't even want to do that habit ever again, even if it's benefitting them. These people instead thrive on the variety of the experience. You know which camp you're in. If you feel yourself resisting your habits, then create some variety by giving yourself a list of options. This goes along with the idea I mentioned in the 'how to read more' post - don't read just one book at a time, give yourself options. You can apply this to any habit that you're trying to cultivate. If the habit is exercise, then have a list to choose from such as yoga, walking outside, a dance video, etc. If it's an anti-stress routine, then maybe the list includes a bath, a nature walk, journal exercises, or mediation. The end result is still the completion of the habit for the day and continuing on a beneficial path, but you won't feel so trapped and bored by having to do the exact same thing every day. Just think of the feeling you're trying to work towards and then list the different habit ideas that would get you there.

Go above the bare minimum. If you've already committed to doing something, try going above the bare minimum to make it a more fun and memorable experience. We drive around every year to look at Halloween decor. So why not decorate the car, wear a simple costume, create a themed playlist, and make some festive drinks to go along with the occasion? The same could be applied to looking at Christmas lights, if that's more your holiday. This idea isn't just about holidays though, it can work for all of the other small details. Road trip? Make the car extra cozy and make a new playlist. Picking up a friend at the airport? Bring a coffee and donut, or make a sign. No need to go all out for every small task, but these little experiences make up your life so go the extra mile. This isn't too complicated to put into action either. Just make notes when you sit down to look at your calendar each week to see what you have ahead. Check what events you're going and what activities are planned and then ask yourself what's one extra step I can take to make this a more memorable and enjoyable experience?

Add constraints. If you're feeling uninspired in a certain area, try adding some creative constraints. Are there areas that used to give you a lot of enjoyment but now you just feel 'meh' about? This usually happens with creative endeavors, like blogging, writing a book, scrapbooking, painting, etc. Adding some creative restrictions can help reinvigorate you, because it feels new again. Not having these constraints leads to complacency, because we like the path of least resistance. If you always use the same scrapbook or painting tools, for example, challenge yourself to create a spread of mediums you've never touched before. You can create input restraints (so restraining the time, money, and materials you typically use), like crafting a new meal using only what's currently in your pantry or filming a new YouTube video but it has to be done in a single day. Alternatively, create new rules for something you normally do, like using a new shade of eyeshadow every day for a week or only dressing in outfits inspired by the word 'abstract' or 'sparkle.'

These really are just three simple mindset shifts with the tiniest action steps, but they can create a big difference in the mood of your day. How do you make your life more enjoyable?

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